Amazon launches convenience store without checkout lines


Amazon has unveiled Amazon Go, a convenience store without cashiers or checkout lines. The physical store literally allows shoppers to pick items off the shelf and walk right out the door without stopping to pay. It uses computer vision technology, similar to the type used in self driving cars, to detect which items you’ve picked up and then automatically charges your Amazon account for them once you walk out. There is currently only one store open in Seattle, but the WSJ reports that Amazon plans to open over 2,000 stores across the US.

  1. Masterblaster says:

    What if the customer doesn’t have an Amazon account ?
    It will be hard to explain to young kids that you’re not stealing.

  2. Mark says:

    Pretty sure you only go in if you have an account, like Sams Club or Costco…it isn’t for the general public…yet.

  3. Joe says:

    They should use “Alexa” to greet every customer by Name and small talk :D

  4. Keith says:

    This is apparently just a wild rumor
    I had to look into this when I read this article here (to be honest I was surprised that I heard it here first–2000 stores is a pretty HUGE deal.) But appears to be just an unsubstantiated claim started by the WSJ

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