Amazon launches Amazon Giveaway — a self-service giveaway tool


Amazon has just introduced a new self-service giveaway tool called Amazon Giveaway. The new service allows anyone to setup and run promotional giveaways with Amazon products as the prize. Amazon is running their own giveaways using this service that you can enter right now at this link. All you need to enter is an account.

There are two types of giveaways: “Lucky Number” giveaways and “First-come, First-served” giveaways. The Luck Number giveaways reward every nth entrant with the prize, while the “First-come, First-served” giveaways reward the first X number of entrants with the prize. Additionally, hosts can require that you follow a specific twitter account in order to enter.

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  1. Tamaz Gamkrelidze says:

    A nice idea !

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