Amazon Kids is now available on Fire TVs in the UK and Germany

Amazon Kids, formerly known as Amazon FreeTime, has been available on Fire TV devices since the first model was released in 2014, but only in the US. That finally changes because now Fire TV owners in the UK and in Germany can also access the child silo on Fire TV devices. Amazon Kids, not to be confused with Amazon Kids+ the paid service for child content, is a child-focused interface for Amazon devices that allows kids to only have access to specific kid-friendly content. While Amazon Kids is available on other Amazon devices in Canada and Japan, it is not yet available on Fire TV devices in those regions. Also note that Amazon Kids is not available on all Fire TV models, even if you’re in the US, UK, or Germany.

  1. Volker says:

    And it’s creepy.
    You can enable (purchased) Films/Series and Apps. You can’t really manage the prime content – it’s curated.
    The “last watched” Section doesn’t let you jump to a series overview or the next episode. If you select an “last watched” item you’ll see the same episode again!
    Furthermore the Alexa Integration/Search doesn’t work. Why? It’s the easiest way to find a show for kids (espacially for those who can’t read/write).

    I thought i could use age restrictions like: “Allow content für xxx year olds”… But the UI like it is now is unusable for us.

    A good thing is the restricted access to normal profiles by PIN. But ehy must it be 5 chaters long? The prime video PIN is 4 characters, i expected the same length here.
    Using profiles with PIN, but without Kids profiles doesn’t work. As a workaround i thought i could do the following: Create a Kid Profile, add a PIN to my normal profile, add another (non kid) profile without a PIN (for the Kids…) – but the last step doesn’t work. Only Kids Profiles are PINless, every other profile is protected by a PIN.

    Damn – this is shit.

  2. Maya says:

    Maya yes

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