Amazon Key in-home delivery adds new smart locks, new features, and expands nationwide

Amazon has announced that they’ve expanded their Amazon Key package to all customers nationwide. Prime members in 37 select cities are still the only ones that can take advantage of in-home delivery, but all customers can use the package for personal use to monitor their front door and remotely control access to family and guests. The Amazon Key service is an in-home delivery service that gives customers the option to allow their packages be placed in their home, instead of on their porch, when they’re not home to accept the package. It works in conjunction with Amazon’s CloudCam security camera and a smart lock. In addition to now being available in more cities, Amazon Key now works with 5 new smart locks, in addition to the 3 it has worked with since the service launched last year. Also being added to the Amazon Key service is the option to enable automatic video clip recordings anytime your door is locked or unlocked, regardless of who enters or exits. With the new optional entry and exit clips enabled, customers will receive real-time notifications and the ability to view video clips anytime their family, friends, or guests unlock/lock their door. This is one of the several features that is available nationwide to all customers, whether or not the in-home delivery service is available in your location.

  1. Dan Dutra says:

    No. Just no.

  2. fred says:

    I don’t think my dogs or the delivery person will be happy about it

  3. Mark says:

    Absolutely not. Harder to pick a keyed lock these days than a digital lock.

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