Amazon is working on adding USB Camera support to Fire TV for video conferencing

During today’s Amazon devices event, it was very briefly mentioned that Amazon is working on adding video conferencing capabilities to Fire TV devices. No specifics were mentioned at all, but they did say that being able to use a Logitech USB camera with a Fire TV was a possibility in the future. Apart from the generic-looking conferencing image shown above, no interface or hardware was shown or discussed regarding this feature. People have been asking about connecting webcams to Fire TVs for as long as I’ve been running this site, so maybe it’ll finally be possible someday soon.

  1. David M Star says:

    Being able to use a zoom and Google meet application from within fire TV would be great

  2. wlion1 says:

    I have been asking for that for years. Glad to see it finally get some traction.

  3. Marty says:

    This would be an amazing addition if they do it right. Can’t be rushed. Can’t be cheesy. Do it right or not at all.

  4. Rik Emmett says:

    Maybe they will add a front facing camera on the remote.

  5. Anthony Rossetti says:

    I find it so hilarious that retarded Google will be the last to the party once again i mean if they ever get there at all
    you would think that if anyone over there had any brains whatsoever this would have been an included feature of the new sabrina CC dongle
    of theirs to compete with the Facebook portal TV ,but nope.
    I mean honestly this should have been added to Android TV 5 years ago
    DUO should be in their TV play store as should Google photos especially with the new device having a remote
    but adding DUO to the TV play store and cam support to Android TV is a no brainer especially with Facebook’s portal TV being out and the whole COVID 19 thing, but I can bet you it will be at least another 5 or 6 years if ever that we see such “innovation” from Google.
    Seriously it should not take a handful of developers more than an afternoon to code a generic USB camera driver for android TV and handful of devices it runs on and adapt the DUO app for the TV play store , i mean how lazy can you get.
    I predicted that fire TV would get cam support before we saw DUO on an Android / Google TV device looks like i was right.
    WTF are they even doing over there ? just hoarding money?
    over A 1 trillion dollar valuation and it’s like they put jack carp into R&D
    I mean their R&D must comprise a whopping 0.0000000000000000000000000000001% of their budget.

    Even a cheap entry level $49 unlocked LG pheonix 4 cell phone can make DUO calls perfectly
    these TV devices have about 1/10th the hardware and associated costs
    no screen ,no battery,no digitizer,no speaker, no GSM, no GPS,no camera (the phone has 2)

    I don’t see why they couldn’t make a $50 device like sabrina or the 4k fire stick but with a built in camera, the same size device and with a similar form factor but have a clip mount similar to the 2nd gen PS4 camera so you put it on top of the TV like a facebook portal tv
    but the portal TV is needlessly huge

  6. Jose says:

    Wondering if bit the bullet too soon and got the 4K stick and now starting to think it won’t support the webcam/video conferencing feature.
    It will probably only be available on the Cube, or anything next gen..

    • Vahid says:

      Hi, I bought JVC fire TV six months ago. There is no point to buy fire TV cube. It is really disappointing that it does not detect the usb webcam.
      Any solution? It is highly appreciated

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