Amazon is working on a new Prime Video interface for mobile devices

Amazon is internally testing a new Prime Video interface for phones, according to Jen Salke, the head of Amazon Studios. She told reporters that she has a phone in her office running the improved prototype interface and invited them to come by and see it. Her remarks were initially thought to be about a new Fire Phone, since she referred to a “prototype phone,” when she meant to say a prototype user interface for Prime Video. Salke said the new interface was “in the middle of being developed and coming soon,” but did not give a more specific timeframe for release.

A recent Fire TV software update introduced a new “Prime Video” icon to the Fire TV’s app row. This icon takes you to a dedicated interface for Amazon Video content. It seemed like an odd addition because many of the content rows in the new “Prime Video” interface are duplicates of rows you’d find in the regular Fire TV interface.

This is wild speculation, but perhaps Amazon has plans to release an entirely new Prime Video interface to Fire TV devices that will be released in conjunction with the new Prime Video mobile app that Salke has spoken about. The main Fire TV interface essentially serves as the device’s “app” for Prime Video, but I suspect that a lot of people would prefer a true dedicated app for browsing Prime Video content on the Fire TV, much like you have with the Netflix.

Switching Prime Video content browsing from being part of the main Fire TV interface to being a dedicated app would not be entirely new territory for Amazon. Those of you who have owned Fire TVs for a long time probably remember that the old interface included a “Music” section and a “Photos” section as part of the main Fire TV interface, instead of as stand-alone apps. When Amazon released the existing new interface for Fire TVs, a dedicated Prime Music app and Prime Photos app were added to the Fire TV. It’s quite plausible that the same thing will happen for Prime Video in the future.

  1. Nick Hathaway says:

    Regarding your last paragraph, I think calling the video service they bundle with Prime and their platform for selling digital content the same thing, “Prime Video”, was a massive mistake as it is terribly confusing. As a Prime subscriber, I would welcome an interface that separates these two distinct content types.

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