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I have received an email from Amazon stating that I must turn over my domain,, to them within 7 days because the domain contains one of their trademarks. They did not give specifics, but I assume it’s due to their trademark on the word: Fire. They are also requiring me to delete my Facebook page at They did not specifically mention my twitter account @fireTVnews, but I assume they’ll want that gone too.

I’ll admit, when I registered the domain, I knew there was a possibility that one day I would be contacted by Amazon’s trademark lawyers. I naively thought Amazon was nicer than your average mega corporation and registered the domain anyway. Lesson learned. It would have been nice if they gave me more than 7 days, or at least given me a way to contact them. Instead, I’m supposed to give them the domain release information through their standard ‘Contact Us’ form.

I’m just one guy with a small blog and a few loyal readers, so I wont be fighting their request. This website will continue, but under a different name and URL. I will post the new website information shortly. I hope everyone reading this will stick around and not get lost in the move.


See the new post about changing the domain name.

  1. jzgenx19 says:

    Love the site and I will definitely follow you to the new location. I look at this site every day…if not multiple times per day. I greatly appreciate all your work and effort and look forward to the future of your site.

  2. ac says:

    Ill follow you as well. Amazon should’ve left you alone and learned what some of their users want from the device, so hopefully they’ll follow as well :)

  3. Raymel says:

    Hi there, I must say that I come here every day and even multiple times a day checking to see what’s up so keep up the good work you’ve been doing, with that being say, I don’t know much about trademarks/copyrights but my believe is that they can’t have you turn down your domain merely because it contains the word “fire” or “firetv” I believe that it does not extend there, instead if they wish to own the domain (that you paid for) they must establish an agreement (compensation) with you, they claim could also refer to some of the content in it. Bottom line, you still have 6 more days to check on that before giving up. I don’t know if I can share external links in here but I found this for you

  4. Charles says:

    Very Sad :(

  5. Toxic says:

    “It would have been nice if they gave me more than 7 days, or at least given me a way to contact them. Instead, I’m supposed to give them the domain release information through their standard ‘Contact Us’ form.”

    This is fishy as hell. I recommend NOT proceeding on this.
    Don’t give up the website yet.

    Request for an official statement and notarized letter.

  6. Garcia says:

    That is a shame, the same thing happened with, they had domain before and they were contacted by Apple so they changed the domain to avoid any problems, so if Amazon is really contacting you and their email is legit I recommend you to change the name to “ftvnews” or something like that to avoid future problems with their trademark, good luck man!

  7. Otto says:

    Boo! Oh well, though. We’ll follow you. This place has been invaluable. Thanks for what you do, man.

  8. GiveMeRoot says:

    Another follower here, you have great info and I appreciate it. Seriously now want to hack the thing, just to do it as a screw Amazon.

  9. I wouldn’t give up the domain, they are just seeing how far they can get. They can’t by law trademark something common like fire and more so to that point your blog doesn’t pretend to be affiliated to amazon in any way (although I suggest that you put that in the footer).

  10. useful person says:

    Are you using Amazon’s Fire TV logo in your header? Have you thought that maybe that’s why they are asking you to hand your website over? If you change that so it looks different than their logo that might clear all of this up.

  11. KillerJoe says:

    Well That’s tough. But we’ll follow you to your new domain. In the end it’s not a big deal. Good luck!

  12. Luis B says: ;) Im sticking around.

  13. hdmkv says:

    They should have left your domain as is instead of using bullying tactics. You’re helping people get more out of their FTV’s and likely helping their sales, at least for enthusiasts.

  14. blarg says:

    You rolled over too quickly. Make ’em pay $$ for it.

  15. JRock says:

    Another loyal reader here that will follow wherever you go. Thanks for all the guides and making things simple. I have to say that your step-by-step instructions are simple and pretty much flawless. Keep up the good work, and we’ll see you at the new domain.

  16. JoeB says:

    Better to have happened now while the site is still young. I’ve updated my bookmark and will keep an eye out for links to the old domain to try and get them updated for you.

  17. steve says:

    Amazon and its attorneys are not the final arbiter of who has the rights to this domain name. As a matter of fact, Amazon and its attorneys are NOT arbiters of who can own this domain name.

    In order:

    The US Patent and Trademark office.

    The US Patent and Trials Appeals Board.

    The DC circuit court.

    The Supreme court.

    PLEASE make Amazon make you pay for this web address. It’s YOUR property. You are NOT infringing the law by keeping it.

    Contact an attorney. You’ll see that I’m right about this.

    I’m thinking, charge them a life-changing amount. Maybe a million dollars.


  18. steve says:

    Sorry. Typo. Should have read: PLEASE make Amazon pay for this web address.

    This is not the first time someone has owned a URL that was valuable to someone else. There’s case law on this. BY LAW Amazon should pay you for rights to this URL, which is YOUR property.

    In another comment I mentioned that “fire” isn’t something Amazon can own a trademark on. “Amazon fire”, perhaps. I can check for you on that in the morning. But not “fire”. Think “firestone”, “fire wire”, “angel fire”…

    Please give me the gift of knowing I made someone else rich. Ask Amazon for a million dollars for the domain name. Maybe start at 10 million, and bargain from there. But don’t just give it away.

  19. John says:

    This happened to someone else and Mtv tried to use legal threats to get their domain. Small guy won.

    Ignore requests and contact lawyer immediately. Even if it’s not to keep te domain the noteriety may fuel your new site tremendously. Do not give up that easily.

  20. Dave says:

    Perhaps the new website should be called ‘Screw You’ or similar.

  21. Jeremy says:

    I know I’m almost a year late to this. I just simply started coming to aftvnews after I was redirected. I didn’t even realize this had happened.

    Like others, I’ve also read that big companies can’t strong arm you into giving up your domain unless you are really bashing their product, company, or are otherwise intentionally trying to hurt them. For example, when the Call of Duty/Battlefield wars were in full swing a few years ago, I think someone bought a battlefield domain simply to promote call of duty and bash battlefield – their site got shut down pretty quick. In your case though, this email simply would serve as notice that you’re on their radar, but shouldn’t and couldn’t force you to give up the domain, even if “firetv” is trademarked. It just means that they’ll have to pay for it if you aren’t otherwise harming their brand, which you’re not. I really hope you got a hefty sum of money from Amazon for giving up the domain.

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