Amazon is reportedly working on a new free ad-supported video service for Fire TVs

Amazon is said to be working on a new free ad-supported streaming video service specifically for Fire TV device owners, according to a report by The Information. The new service, tentatively called Free Dive, is said to be similar to The Roku Channel, which is an ad-support collection of free movies and TV shows available through Roku devices, smart TVs, and the web.

Amazon is said to be in talks with major studios to license older TV shows for the new service. The report says the new service will be separate from Amazon’s ad-free subscription Prime Video service.

Rumors of a free Amazon ad-supported video service have been circling around since at least 2014 and more recently resurfaced about a year ago in 2017. Whether it’s going to actually happen this time is anyone’s guess, but Roku’s recent focus on being primarily an advertisement company, according to its own executives, could be lighting a fire under Amazon to get a piece of the growing video ad market.

  1. Masterblaster says:



    Go away.

  2. Leslie says:

    Why cant i watch animal kingdom on amazon prime any more? i am paying for prime

    • ben says:

      its not up to amazon, they make deals with the owners of said show. so the owners of Animal Kingdom do not want it on Prime

  3. Tango says:

    Already have one. Try the Pluto TV app. A cord-cutters favorite.

  4. Norm Penn says:

    One needs to define Ad-Supported TV. Ad’s equaling 20 or more minutes every hour, no thank you. Also rapid fire Ad’s are extremely annoying. Free Ad’s need to be timed well, and entertain as opposted to migraine causing events.

  5. ermic says:

    It always amazed me how little the average man values his very limited lifespan. Every commercial brings you a minute closer to death. When your life ends, what will you remember? The months of commercials you have been watching in total during your life? Most people spend more time with commercials than on nice vacations during their life. And how little it does pay off! Combine Netflix and Amazon Prime and you get a the VoD a reasonable person with a life beyond the TV can ever watch. How much is this per month? Not much. But you save hours of precious time of your life, instead of getting the value of cents per hour fron ad financed entertainment. Would anyone work for a few cents? No? Why would you sell your time for so little value to the advertising industry?

    They see their future in ruins, once the younger people are do used to reasonable priced on demand entertainment, so they try to lure people back into their old habbits. But guess what, too late. I know no one my age or younger who watches actual TV anymore, listens to actual radio, etc. No more “limited commercial interruptions” etc.

    • Len Mullen says:

      Stop it! When your life ends, you will remember nothing. How is a ‘nice vacation’ more meaningful than a great movie? “This wall is three thousand years old!” “Look at that great hole in the ground!” “It’s so exciting to sleep in this bed used by so many others.” And what about those hours wasted getting to and from a vacation spot? If you do not watch television, you may be wasting your time posting to a blog called Amazon Fire TV News.

  6. Tony Ramirez says:

    I can’t use any ad supported media. I tried and at first it is fine but after a short time they increase the ads so much that the service is not even worth it anymore that I drop it. This happens to every ad supported media I tried.

  7. beq says:

    Are we pretty sure that this new service will be restricted to the Fire TV’s only?

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