Amazon is reportedly working on a home robot

Amazon is reportedly working on a mobile robot for the home, according to Bloomberg. While Amazon does own separate robotics companies that develop robots for their warehouses, the home robot project, codenamed “Vesta,” is being worked on by Amazon’s Lab126 hardware research and development division. Lab126 is responsible for all consumer products, like the Fire TV, Echo devices, Fire tablets, and Kindles.

Sources familiar with Amazon’s home robot plans say the company hopes to begin testing in employees homes by the end of this year. If all goes well, we could see the robot offered to consumers as early as 2019. Of course, there are probably countless Amazon projects that make it far enough in development to be a functioning product but never make it out of Lab126. With a project as ambitious as a home robot, there’s a good chance it’ll never be released.

That’s not to say the effort would be a waste if the robot was never released. Advancements made during its development could make their way into other Amazon hardware. A mobile robot would need advanced computer vision to navigate through homes. Those advancements, for example, could trickle down to products like Amazon’s Amazon Cloud Cam security camera.

There’s little information on what the Vesta robot project is currently capable of doing or what functionality it hopes to provide if released. People familiar with the project say the prototype uses advanced cameras and computer vision to maneuver around. Whatever it can or can’t do, it’s probably safe to assume Alexa’s voice assistant capabilities will be an integral part of the robot.

  1. oldmanmonster says:

    Goddess of hearth and home she may be, but “Vesta” will be forever associated with boil in the bag curries in the UK.

  2. OG Charlie says:

    All I’m imagining is a Roomba with a Echo Dot duct-taped to the top.

  3. Dan Dutra says:

    Amazon and Google are dead set on making skynet a reality

  4. Joe says:

    Alexa, fold my laundry..

  5. AR says:

    Amazon has enough money why not just buy Honda or at least their Asimo division

    that thing has been around for about 20 years now are you seriously telling me that can’t get foxconn to massproduce them for like a $5K retail price by now

  6. Norman Penn says:

    Amazon should learn from Apple on this one….go after healthcare. Much needed elderly and in need folks at home. Not doing the laundry, things like reminders for meds, watching for medical emergencies like falls, making sure that needed tests are done like blood pressure, very extensive list. Mimic the assisted dog for no better term. The advantage, the robot can talk interact with, dial for additional assistance, turn on an off the entire house, never forget anything like lowering the garage door. Plus, could be a subsidized device helping with the costs.

  7. Enuff says:

    Coming soon: Amazon robot workers. No more under paid, over worked humans. Jeff Bozo should be happy about that.

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