Amazon is reportedly considering a standalone Sports app

Amazon is thinking about pulling all of its sports content into a new dedicated sports app, according to a new report from The Information. Amazon’s live sports programming, which includes NFL Thursday Night Football, Premier League Soccer, and New York Yankees Baseball, to name a few, are streamed through the Prime Video app and are free to watch for Prime members. A dedicated sports app could help to declutter the Prime Video app but also allow Amazon to charge extra for its costly live sports programming.

While Amazon has been reducing expenses lately through large layoffs, CEO Andy Jassy has called live sports “a unique asset” and has indicated that Amazon will continue to invest in it. A standalone sports app would make sense if Amazon’s sports programming continues to grow, but it’s unknown how far along the app is and when or if it will actually be released.

  1. J thomas says:

    I personally think it’s a really good idea. I don’t want these sports and it gets them out of my way

  2. Justin Seine says:

    If these sporting events are causing prices to rise for everyone, including people not interested in them, then I am all for it. Non-sports watchers should not be subsidizing the sports enthusiasts.

    • Chris Z says:

      If you think because Amazon may split sports from Prime they are going to slow or reduce their Prime Amazon membership fees you are mistaken. This is simply another way to add revenue to a publicly traded company needing to satisfy shareholders.

      • Justin Seine says:

        No I do not think they are going to reduce anything. Fairness has no place in the theater of corporate greed. Look at all the people who care nothing for sports who are forced to pay regional sports fees in their cable and satellite bills. Look at all the people who live in proximity to television broadcast towers having OTA antennas who are forced to pay local broadcast network fees with their cable and satellite bills even though they can get an superior uncompressed digital signal over the air. These fees are itemized in each and every bill. It’s like wanting to order a hamburger and be being forced to buy the whole cow, hooves snout and all. My comment begin with the world “If”. I don’t see why they would break it out separately if they weren’t trying to shift the burden to where it legitimately belongs.

  3. Dc says:

    Honesty, I would not be surprised if Amazon eventually moves toward it’s own streaming T.V. service much like YouTube TV.

  4. Tj says:

    Part of the reason why Prime membership price went up was because of Thursday Night Football. It’s a long shot but if you are going to get rid of TNF from all Prime members not subbed to this new app then at least bring down the price of Prime.

  5. Thomas says:

    Is the Thursday Night Football stream terrible for everyone else on Fire TV devices? I have a 4K Stick and a 4K Stick Max, and the framerate of the stream constantly shifts between 60 and 30fps. It’s very distracting and unwatchable. However, on my Android TV and TV’s built in Chromecast, the stream is a perfect 60fps. My internet is 300mbps. Can’t believe how bad the stream is on Amazon’s own device!

    • anon_001 says:

      NO. No issues with TNF playback for the entire season on a FIRE TV 4K MAX. It was definitely a mixed playback experience based on numerous factors. But, the FIRE TV 4K MAX was not an issue in my experience.

  6. Chuck says:

    “Stay tuned for an upcoming article from me comparing the Cube’s new upscaling to the Shield TV and detailing whether or not the update has made a difference.”

    So with that, this is not the first you’ve promised this. I want to obtain the most up to date capable device for this year, but no one speaks about actual experience of Amazons Super Resolution.

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