Amazon is removing lock screen ads from all Prime Exclusive phones

Amazon has announced that they’ll be removing lock screen ads from all of their Prime Exclusive Phones. Starting tomorrow, February 7th, all newly purchased phones in Amazon’s discount program will not contain ads or offers on the lock screen. Better yet, all existing phones will receive an update in the coming weeks that removes their lock screen ads.

Amazon began selling discounted phones to Prime members in 2016. In exchange for saving money on the cost of the phone, Amazon preloaded the phones with their apps and displayed ads on the lock screen. With this change, the only difference between discounted Prime Exclusive Phones and their regular price counterparts will be the preloaded Amazon apps.

Amazon says they’re making this change because it better facilitates the use of fast unlocking technology, like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition. It’s generous of them to make the change retroactive, even on devices that don’t have alternate unlocking methods.

To make up for the lost revenue generated by the lock screen ads, all phones currently being sold under the Prime Exclusive Phone program will increase by $20 starting tomorrow, according to Phonescooper. That means today is the last day to save that $20 on a new phone purchase and still have a phone without lock screen ads.

  1. Carter S. Johnson says:

    What are the security issues driving this decision? It certainly has nothing to do with my ease of use on the lockscreen.

  2. Charlie says:

    I think this is a good thing and will help sell a lot of phones, I predict. I’ve been known to review these phones and decide against them, due to the ads.

  3. clocks says:

    I wish they still had the cheaper LG G6.

  4. tampa8 says:

    So do I understand those that bought phones with ads and paid less will soon have phones without ads? And those who paid more to have no ads will get?????

  5. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Finally, Amazon seems to have listened to all their customers, who asked for months ago to eliminate this annoying feature on prime phones!

    It seems that they will release an update of their “Amazon Offers” APP tomorrow, to remove all the ads.

    Since I currently own several Prime cellphones from Motorola, BLU and others that therefore have these annoying ads in their lock screens, I also asked Amazon repeatedly to re-consider removing these ads, without having to pay anything in return… So I am very happy with this excellent decision!

    • Jonathan Mattson says:

      “I also asked amazon repeatedly to re-consider removing these ads, without having to pay anything in return.”

      Should we also be asking them to remove their aps they installed for free also? Does that seem a little unethical to anyone else to buy something at a discount due to that restriction and then magically expect them to remove it later for free by asking them repeatedly?

      • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

        I think there is a little confusion or maybe I did not explain well…

        We never asked Amazon to remove their applications, because that’s why the phone was sold at a low price with a discount, we only asked them to consider removing the ads in the lock screen and the notifications bar.

        I did not say that by asking Amazon repeatedly to remove these ads, they have to magically and obligatorily remove them for free.

        What I wanted to say was that, although it is true that when we bought our phone a year ago, we all accepted a discount because it included ads and all Amazon’s APPs, however it could be that nowadays these advertising methods do not have the same impact as a year ago and therefore today do not provide more benefits to Amazon.

        So we are not demanding or forcing Amazon, but we are very happy that they took this decision to remove these annoying ads, that somehow affected the fast and fluid operation of all PRIME cell phones.

        As I said before, I also believe that Amazon listened to all its customers, who were asking them to consider the decision to eliminate this annoying ads in all the Prime cell phones!

  6. JFC says:

    I got the Amazon email re this, and considered it good news…

    Except, the Amazon email didn’t mention ANYTHING about them planning to raise the prices on their Prime Discount phones by $20 to make up for the lock screen ads going away.

    Their Prime phones are still a good deal even with the remaining smaller discount, especially since they also periodically go on sale, which means deeper discounts.

    But still, not exactly transparent on this, Amazon, tsk tsk….

    PS – I guess this means the current lockscreen ads on existing and future purchase discounted Fire tablets will remain — although I’m not sure how the rationale for unlocking mobile phones is any different than unlocking Fire tablets???

  7. Wrecks says:

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting the update of the Amazon Offers app ever since I got the email about this, but so far the update hasn’t come to my phone.

    I look forward to being able to use unlocking like Trusted Face, Trusted Devices, and Trusted Voice that have been unavailable to me because of the ad lock screen.

    Still waiting…

  8. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Same here, I’ve been also awaiting the update of the Amazon Offers APP, ever since I got the email about this two days ago, but so far the update hasn’t come to any of my 10 Prime cellphones.

    Amazon Offers APP version is still 1.2.604..1-standard_189010
    (Updated on 18 Sept 2017).

  9. smikwily says:

    Looks like Google disabled lock screen ads in Oreo. May be why they are looking to do something different going forward:

  10. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    I thought everyone would like to know that today (February 9, 2018) finally I received in all my 10 Amazon Prime cell phones, the new “Amazon Offers” APP that removes all the Ads from Amazon’s Prime phones:

    Amazon Offers_1.2.619.0-standard_800003 (Lockscreen-No-Ads)_9.Feb.2018

    All my Prime phones now work better, faster and best of all, all the ads are gone!

  11. bombo says:

    Hello friends I also received the update and after the ads were deleted I was able to get the code to unlock the boot loader with Motorola now if I have full control of my team.

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