Amazon is once again selling Google’s Chromecast — For real this time

Amazon is finally actually selling Google’s Chromecasts, as first spotted by Android Police. Both the regular 3rd-gen Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra are now listed as in-stock and available to purchase directly from Amazon.

Amazon notably stopped selling both the Chromecast and Apple TV in 2015 for reasons that are more complicated than it might initially seem. A year ago they, once again, began listing both Apple TVs and Chromecasts, but only the Apple TVs actually became available for purchase through Amazon.

We don’t know if Google and Amazon have come to some agreement regarding the feud between the two companies or if selling Chromecasts again is a one-sided decision by Amazon. Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Echo Show owners are certainly curious to see if the decision to re-sell Chromecasts is a precursor to a change in the way that YouTube is accessed on those devices.

Google blocked YouTube access on the Echo Show and then later threatened to block access on Fire TV devices. Amazon prevented the loss of YouTube access on these devices by releasing their Silk browser and Firefox, which can be used to access YouTube, in place of a dedicated app.

Launching the old dedicated YouTube app for Fire TV devices, which is made by Amazon and can still be sideloaded, does still display a message saying that “starting on 1/1/18, the YouTube app will not be available.” The removal of this message should be the first indication that a change to how YouTube can be accessed on Fire TV devices is coming.

  1. Peter Fontes says:

    How much $$ is it?

    • Shirley Dulcey says:

      The same prices that Google charges when they are not on sale: $35 and $69. There are often sales on the Chromecast but none seem to be right now.

  2. hegemon13 says:

    Okay, Google. The onus is now on you. Don’t be jerks. If we don’t get a proper YouTube app on FireTV/Echo Show now, everyone knows who to blame, and it sure won’t be Amazon this time. Of course, Google has been hypocritical and two-faced about the Amazon situation from the start, so I expect nothing to come of this.

  3. Noel says:

    Just hoping this means youtube tv I really live their service and I’ve side loaded it but it’s really glitchy hoping this really happens.

    • Jay says:

      I agree. YouTube TV is my biggest wish for the Fire TV, followed by a 4K HDR YouTube app. As of now, I can’t use my Fire TV as my exclusive streaming device due to what’s missing.

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