Amazon is now bundling Prime membership with the purchase of a Fire Tablet

Amazon is no stranger to offering discounts by bundling multiple devices together, but now they’re bundling Prime membership with their devices. You can now buy the Fire HD 8 tablet bundled with 3 months of Prime for $89.22. Since the tablet is regularly $79.99, you’re paying $9.23 for 3 months of Prime, which would normally cost $38.97 when paid monthly. The bundle is only available to new Prime members, so it can’t be used to extend an existing Prime subscription.

  1. OG Charlie says:

    I cancelled my Prime after the monthly price hike and Amazon phasing out the ability to play user uploaded music through the Echo.

    No regrets. Prime is a scam designed to suck you into every aspect of the services Amazon provides while also attempting to make itself valuable enough where they can slowly turn the screws on you with the upsell.

    • Reflex says:

      Not sure how its a scam. I get back what I spend just in the free shipping. Everything else is just a bonus. A scam implies you somehow lose out. That certainly is not the case with Prime. Depending your usage you may not actually take enough advantage of it to be worth it, but that does not reduce the value of what is offered, only impact its relevance to you, personally.

      Personally I get several hundred dollars in value out of Prime per year, at least, possibly more. Since it costs $99/year its basically a no-brainer for me.

      • OG Charlie says:

        Prime members spend nearly 5x more on Amazon than non Prime members.

        Every ‘benefit’ of Prime, outside of the shipping, is something designed to a) give you a taste of other Amazon related services in the hopes they can upsell you b) make you feel like you can’t unsubscribe since it’s such an incredible ‘bargain’

        “Sure Amazon’s normal shipping is terrible now but you can always subscribe to Prime if you want your orders in a reasonable time. Sure they’ve raised the price of Prime but it’s only to adjust for inflation. Sure they’ve raised the price on monthly subscriptions but I can save more money if I go yearly. Sure [action] but [excuse]”

        It’s all in Amazon’s favor. Not yours.


        – Free 2 day shipping is designed to get you to spend more money on the site.
        – Prime Rewards is designed to reward you for using their credit card (get a higher percentage when you use it on Amazon!)
        – Prime Video is designed to get you to purchase content from their video store or subscribe to Amazon Channels. (ignore them licensing less content that just happens to be available from various Channels so there’s less overlap between the two)
        – Prime Music is designed to get you to subscribe Amazon Music Unlimited. (whoops the service where you can upload your own music for $25 a year is going away. guess you’ll have to subscribe to Unlimited, Echo owners)
        – Kindle Lending Library is designed to entice you to purchase a Kindle and engage with it more (in the hopes you’ll buy more books)
        – Kindle First is a promotional tool (that they hope you’ll engage with and hopefully purchase more books)
        – Audible Channels is designed to push you towards AudibleGold.
        – 6 months of Washington Post plus an exclusive Fire app is designed to get you to subscribe full time to WaPo.
        – Unlimited photos is designed to tempt you to buy more cloud storage. – Twitch Prime is designed to get you to more invested in the Twitch ecosystem by giving you a game library (in the hopes you’ll buy more games through them) and a free monthly subscription (in the hopes you’ll subscribe to more streamers)

        • Reflex says:

          I’m not sure what your point is. If the program gives me lots of free stuff in addition to free shipping in the hopes that I am enticed to spend more, how is that a ‘scam’ or any sort of a loss? Oh no, Amazon wants to give me things and charge me less money for what I buy so that I want to shop more! I’m being scammed!”

          Seriously? I haven’t adjusted my buying pattern for Amazon, I just buy more on Amazon because they save me money, have great customer service and are super convenient. If that happens to also be good for Amazon, I don’t have a problem with that.

      • Hackfleisch says:

        Compare it to other countries. In germany, only charges 69€/year for even faster shipping (same day in metropolitan areas, 24h everywhere else), with also prime music, prime video, kindle books etc included.

        Why? Because there is simply stronger competition and they can’t charge as much. has a much larger market share in the united states and they use that.

        As any big company, that moves towards market domination, in history. They just charge that because they can, not because this very figure is the result of a careful calculation of costs.

        I don’t know about the US market, but here fast shipping free of charge is the standard with most shopping sites, Amazon is the only charging extra fees and I also found, that they aren’t even so cheap in comparison.

        Alot of people nowadays just seem to shop at Amazon, because they are used to it and they make it easy (one click order, dash buttons, Alexa,…).

        But compare and shop around. I am a heavy online shopper and for years most of that money went to Amazon. I just started comparing and noticed how much I am really overspending that way.

        Break the habit, compare with other sites :-) you are in for a surprise.

        • Reflex says:

          1) 65EUR is not substantially cheaper than the USD price, its only $15/year less

          2) Germany is more urbanized than the USA so free shipping is much cheaper to deliver. The price paid for Prime in the USA has to cover not only free shipping to customers in New York City, which is highly concentrated, but also in rural Montana, a state larger than Germany with only about 1.2 million people. Since there is one national price for the service in some areas it obviously loses money while in others it is likely profitable.

          • Hackfleisch says:

            I can accept that and stand corrected.

            Still, I think people rely too much on Amazon nowadays, it became too dominant in its three key markets US, UK and germany. Such dominance leads always to higher prices in the long run. Ironically, this is exactly what made Amazon successful in the first place. Greedy, old local retail conglomerates made it easy for the newcoming Amazon to eat their sales away. In the end my hope is that at some point some competitor comes along and challenges Amazon. But until then we should keep Amazon honest and check prices elsewhere, that is all I’m saying.

          • Reflex says:

            No doubt, if you can find better prices with comparable service why wouldn’t you take them? I still buy equipment from Newegg when it makes sense. is fantastic for grabbing the best price regardless of retailer.

            I was just trying to point out that geography matters a lot with Prime since free shipping is the main benefit it is purchased for. I expect Australia will have a similar problem as its services grow to match the other markets. Meanwhile in Japan, Prime is about $35/year, but then that is one of the most urbanized countries on earth. They also get same hour delivery in a lot of places…

    • Mark says:

      Why the butthurt? Prime is a bargain in and of itself. Just for the video, it is less than Netflix a year. And you might add to that the Prime music as part of the package. And of course, the expedited shipping and incredible savings on overnight shipping. Scam? The only scam I’m seeing here is you trying to say Prime is a scam.

  2. TechyChris says:

    I have been an Amazon customer for nearly 20 years. As such they often (2-3 times per year) give me a free month of Prime to coax me back into the fold. I just wrapped up another month and looked at my cc statement, yikes!, I spent nearly $500 on Amazon that I otherwise might not have(your welcome Jeff!). The free shipping and constant adverts for specials are dangerous. Like the other poster stated, IF you need all of the services of Prime it’s probably worth it, if you don’t then being an occasional customer is the safer option.

  3. Brian says:

    It really is not a scam. The value you get for the cost and what is included makes it worth it. Yes they try to up-sell other items and products, but that is down to each individual if they want them. They have offered me other services at reduced rate or free for a short time if i wish, but i decline them. Their is no pressure to say yes to it and you do not have to make purchases other than what you need or want. I never do unless its something i am specifically after.

    People should take personal responsibility and only buy what they want or need. Its so easy to do this and very simple.

  4. fred says:

    Used to be a Prime shopper, but found pricing to be high and get free shipping within a few days from other sites. I do sign up for prime Video a few times a year to binge.

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