Amazon is not banning all Google Nest products

A new article by Business Insider is being reported by numerous news outlets under sensational headlines that make it seem as though Amazon will be pulling all Nest products from their website and that tension between Google and Amazon has escalated. In reality, the article simply sheds a bit of light on events that transpired last year which contributed to Google announcing that YouTube would be blocked on Fire TV devices. Nothing new that we didn’t already know about has transpired between Amazon and Google.

Google’s official statement from December, declaring that they were “no longer supporting YouTube on Echo Show and Fire TV,” revealed that Amazon had decided to not sell Nest’s newer products. A person familiar with the conference call that Amazon’s retail team made to Nest employees last year, informing them of that decision, has told Business Insider that Nest decided to stop selling any of its products directly through Amazon.

This does not mean that all Nest products will be pulled from Amazon, as many news outlets are reporting. Third-party sellers, which is how most products on Amazon are sold, are still selling and will continue to sell Nest products on Amazon has not banned all Nest products.

If Amazon were to ban Nest products from their site, they would inform third-party sellers, like they did when they banned the Apple TV and Chromecast in 2015. That has not happened, as is evident by the dozens of sellers currently selling numerous Nest products.

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