Amazon is likely making the Fire TV available globally very soon

It looks like Amazon will be making the Fire TV and/or Fire TV Stick available globally very soon. The new Fire TV software update, that just started rolling out to devices, has added several new country and language options, including Canada, Australia, Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, and Brazil. Historically, Amazon has only added new language and country options to the Fire TV’s settings when the device was being made available in a new country.

Amazon added a language option to the Fire TV through a software update back in 2014, just a few days after announcing that the device would be available in the UK and Germany for the first time. Since then, the only times they’ve added new language options was when the streaming devices became available in new countries.

A Japanese language option was added once Amazon began selling Fire TV devices in Japan. Most recently, the addition of an Indian specific English option revealed that the Fire TV was being made available in India for the first time, a day before the official announcement.

The software update that just started rolling out to all Fire TV models has added new language options for: English (Canada), English (Australia), Español (México), Español (España), Français (Canada), Français (France), Italiano (Italia), and Português (Brasil). This is a very strong indication that Amazon will officially begin selling Fire TV hardware in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, and Brazil in addition to the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Japan, and India where it is already being sold. If accurate, that would only leave the Netherlands, Singapore, and China as countries where Amazon is available, but where a Fire TV is not.

At the end of last year, Amazon expanded Prime video to over 200 countries all at ounce. It would be fitting that their dedicated streaming device is also made available globally.

When Amazon brought Fire TV hardware to India, they only made the Fire TV Stick available. It would make sense that, if Amazon will be selling a global Fire TV device, they would do the same and only make the Fire TV Stick available. It would be easier to start with a single entry-level device and work up from there with future releases. It’s unlikely that we’ll see either of the two new Fire TV models made available globally at launch.

With the addition of so many new languages, it’s unlikely Amazon will support even basic voice search for all of them at ounce, yet alone Alexa. As a reminder, it took over a year after Alexa first arrived on US Fire TVs that the voice assistant was made available on UK and German Fire TV devices. This might mean that global Fire TV hardware will be sold with the non-voice remote that shipped with the original 1st-generation Fire TV Stick.

  1. Raf says:

    Yes please. Official Canadian support would be awesome. Maybe even out of the box functional Prime Video :)

  2. Charlie says:

    So, are you saying existing devices will return to stock or are you thinking this means the new devices will become available right away?

    • Charlie says:

      Oh, I think I missed the point. When you stated globally you actually meant globally, as is in around the world. Don’t know how I misinterpreted that.

  3. Ybarbs says:

    I wonder if Amazon will follow Apple’s announcement & allow free digital movie upgrades to 4K when that format becomes an option for a particular film.

  4. Christopher Loughrey says:

    That need to as it’s ridiculous tune they offer the Amazon Video service worldwide to places like Ireland but those with Amazon Fire TV devices cannot use the Video service with their Fire TV. Nobody wants to watch streaming videos on a computer, so before they leave that video service available that should have opened the Fire TV up to everyone who could access that new streaming service

  5. The Brain says:

    This is in line with recent news that reports that Amazon is getting ready to sell more than just books here in Brazil.

  6. Trololoooooo says:

    Here in Colombia you can only use Prime Video on Web OS and Tizen TVs.

    It sucks. I hope they change it. Plz, let ut use your streaming video service in your devices…


  7. Plymp says:

    As 1st gen Fire TV owner in Netherlands this ticks me off. We’ve happily been using it for years for Netflix, YouTube and Kodi in the living room. When Prime Video was released in the Netherlands I got a subscription only to find out it didn’t work on the Fire TV, but luckily could cancel it immediately (another reason to cancel was the lack of localized content either by subtitles or dubs for the kids stuff compared to Netflix in the Netherlands). Thanks Amazon for not taking the effort to add another small (that might be the issue) country to the list!

  8. Bored Nordic says:

    I am still waiting for them to support HBO Nordic in Nordic countries! Sick of having to use HBO Now with VPN while HBO is available legally through HBO Noric but only supported on Apple TV and chromecast here. They make it so hard to even legally watch things outside US. I am tempted to order the new Apple TV and be done with it.

  9. saurav kumar says:

    I am highly interested in Fire Tv Box (Not fire tv stick which I already have ).

    I want to know when Amazon will launch Fire Tv Box in India which was launched in usa more than 3 years ago.

    I am desperatelywaiting for that.
    I will be first to purchase that in India. Plz tell me if anyone knows the answer.

  10. Jack Martin says:

    Great!! Nice information provided. Thanks for sharing. Here i am sharing some about HBO Go in Australia

  11. troy says:

    amazon is coming to australia in 2018

  12. Carol says:

    This is good news, but I have a question

    I have a fire stick, purchased in UK by a friend who brought it to me in France…. Obviously doesn’t play content yet….

    I have French Amazon Prime

    When TV stick becomes available in France, will the stick I have be suitable with upgrades or will I have to buy another one?


  13. Miguel Ángel Díaz Armentia says:

    When Fire Stick will become available in Spain?

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