Amazon is holding a hardware announcement event today at 10 am PT

Around this time last year, Amazon held a surprise hardware announcement event where they announced the Fire TV 3 (pendant), the Echo 2, the Echo Spot, the Echo Plus, and several other new devices. According to The Verge, they’re holding a similar event today at 10 am PT.

We’re expecting to see the announcement of a new Echo Dot that leaked earlier this year. There will likely be a new full-sized Echo as well. Sources told CNBC that at least eight new Alexa devices will be announced.

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Pocket-lint has uncovered the rumored new Echo Subwoofer on Amazon’s UK site, so we can certainly expect that to be announced today as well. There are rumors of a new Alexa-enabled amplifier, receiver, and even a microwave.

As far as Fire TV devices go, Amazon might announce the Fire TV DVR device that is reportedly in the works. There haven’t been any leaks or solid rumors of new Fire TV hardware in the works, but recent fluctuations in Fire TV 3 supplies suggest that it might soon be replaced, so we might get a new Fire TV device announced today.

I’ll be covering all the news as its announced.

  1. clocks says:

    I hope there is a new FTV coming. Either a 4k stick, or a more powerful box.

  2. Sippycup says:

    Oh exciting,as long as what’s announced gets released in the UK…looking at you cube

    • emric says:

      Amazon has three primary markets: US, Germany, UK, Japan. At least until the “Cube” came along. I’m afraid that this event may mark a re-focus, back to the US.

      This could be confirmed if they don’t announce the release of these new devices in the UK and DE as well. If so, customers there shouldn’t wait any longer and look elsewhere (e. g. Nvidia Shield).

      If you wonder why, well:

      sales may be big in these other three main markets, but sales in the US are obviously much more important to Amazon. They can’t do anything at once, so they seem to prioritize their domestic market. That is the only sensible explanation I have for the sudden limitation of the Cube to the US. We’ll see.

      • tech3475 says:

        It usually been the case that the USA gets products at least months before the other markets, the Cube is just following Amazon’s usual pattern.

  3. Michael says:

    Can it be watch any where? Yeah hope everything comes to the UK as Amazon seem to love to let the US have it forever before the UK.

  4. Patrick says:

    Please. Please. UK. Something. PLEASE!

  5. Paul W says:

    I’m sick of the US always getting stuff months before the UK. Surely this day in age it should be global release. Or just within a few weeks. The UK still don’t have the cube, its been ages since the US got it.

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