Amazon is giving Fire TV Recast buyers a $50/$60 refund credit due to the current Black Friday sale

The Fire TV Recast is currently on sale for $50 to $60 off its regular price for Black Friday. While that’s a fantastic deal, considering the device was released less than a week ago, it has surely caused customers who pre-ordered the over-the-air DVR at full price to be upset. Amazon has voluntarily decided to make things right by giving all customers who paid full price for the Fire TV Recast a $50 to $60 refund credit, which makes their out-of-pocket cost equal to the current sale prices.

Customers who purchased the Fire TV Recast prior to today’s sale should be receiving an email titled “Important Information About Your Fire TV Recast Order,” shown above. The email explains that a promotional credit is automatically being applied to your account to refund the difference in the price that was paid and the current sale price. Customers who purchased the 2-tuner 500GB model at full price will receive a $50 credit and customers who purchased the 1TB 4-tuner model will receive a $60 credit, because the higher-end model is currently more deeply discounted. Customers don’t need to do anything to receive their refund credit.

  1. RICK HURST says:

    Thank you Amazon! It’s nice to have a retailer who respects their customers!

  2. Len Mullen says:

    Aren’t the shipped units within the unconditional return window?

  3. Mr_Missile says:

    Any word if we can get a price adjustment/refund if we bought the two FireTV Stick 4K for $90, which would now cost $70 (for 2) during the Black Friday sale???

  4. Roger says:

    As one of those affected, THANKS Amazon! (still awaiting delivery of my Recast)

    • RICK HURST says:

      I received mine Wednesday, software has a few kinks, but so far I love it! Looking forward to what you think after you have yours up and running.

  5. Ben says:

    Looks as though they had this set up and ready to deploy before the sale prices went live. Of course you could still return the Recast & reorder, as Amazon makes that SO easy. Nice to not have to go through the packing, drop off and redoing a new one though. Fantastic.

  6. Xavier says:

    They should refund the $50/$60 to your credit card not as promotional credit to your Amazon account in other words they still got your money.

  7. HughD says:

    I just wish Amazon had told their customer support folks what was happening. I spent an hour talking/chatting to three different support folks who all said they were talking to their supervisor only be told to send the first one back and reorder at the Black Friday price. I reordered and got my return label only to get the Recast email an hour later. Nevertheless, they usually end up doing the right thing and I like the Recast.

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