Amazon is forcing a reset of some Fire TV home screen customizations

Amazon has sent out emails informing Fire TV users that certain customizations made to their devices will be reset to default settings in the next few days. Right now, this reset appears to only affect the app order in the navigation bar on the Fire TV home screen. Amazon has told me that this forced reset only affects Fire TVs in the UK, but it’s unclear if it is all Fire TVs or just some Fire TVs in that region. To make up for the inconvenience of having to rearrange your Fire TV apps, Amazon is giving all users affected by the reset a £5 Prime Video credit to use on video purchases or rentals. If you find that your Fire TV app order has been reset, you should be able to simply re-customize the order immediately without any issues.

  1. Brantome says:

    Typical. When the UK finally gets something that the USA won’t, it’s something we’d rather not have

  2. D Bangin says:

    I’m in the U.S. and have experienced app “order reset” on a 4K Max and a 2nd gen Cube. It seems to be a bug caused by clearing data on apps, possibly uninstallable apps, but I’m not sure which because I stopped deleting data to avoid triggering the bug.

    • D Bangin says:

      I also noticed a bug on the 2nd gen Cube where clearing the cache of an app would actually clear the cache but wouldn’t update the reported size of the cache until you backed out and then selected the app again. This bug seems to have been recently fixed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were related to the app order reset bug (which also might’ve been fixed). Another quirk about the reset bug is that it would trigger those app recommendation notifications you get after setting up a new device. I want to say one is for Netflix and the other is for a game.

    • oasis_001 says:

      That happens if you CLEAR DATA on the APPSTORE in your list of applications. You can CLEAR CACHE with no issue, but you CLEAR DATA and it will mess with the order and apps you have pinned on the home page and any ordering you may have done on the MY APPS landing page.

  3. Chuck says:

    OK that’s fine I will be replacing all 5 of mine in my house.Unreal worse than apple I bought the product it’s mine I should be able to do what I want with it.Hell Walmart has a stick for $14.00 pure android tv runs better than the 4k max.

    • Amondez Treadwell says:

      What’s the name of the walmart stick?

    • Dazzy says:

      We neither have Walmart nor dollars here in the UK so, given that the article makes it clear that this is an issue affecting UK users, I’ve absolutely no idea what you’re bleating on about!

    • Chuck says:

      I think I may look into that stick. I have a remain 1st gen stick.I’ve read where Amazon is trying to block some players from working also.
      I agree. We buy them we should be able to do what we want wit them.

  4. Mark says:

    Walmart stick name, any details, please?

  5. Paul D says:

    No email for me in the UK. I wouldn’t mind the £5 credit for a minor inconvenience. I have 4k Firestick, Lite and 2nd Gen Cube

    • Brantome says:

      Just happened to me on my fire tv cube, 4K max and gen 3 2020 stick here in the uk. Complained to amazon uk and they deny all knowledge of it, which tbh is fairly typical of their atrocious front line support.

  6. Anna says:

    Amazon sucks. This update has disabled custom launchers. The stock launcher is horrible and I will now be looking to get a different device.

    • Tom says:

      tivo 4k stick, 30.00 on sale now and then. Add ethernet connection,USB storage, and your custom launch page and you have your very own cable tv box complete with what you want and missing what you do not want. The tivo streamer works fantastic. I really don’t understand the firestick cult,esp if you want to only download and install what you want and not what amazon insists you have like it or not? On the other hand, if people want to use and buy and watch amazon, go for it?

      • Jimmy says:

        The fire cube has 16gb of storage and nice remote and built in Alexa. That’s why.

        • Tom Wooden says:

          my tivo has 128 gigs of storage and google voice and my own custom homepage with zero amazon unless I want it. Not forced to. Is what the post is about, custom launcher

          • TechyChris says:

            Just for transparency so others understand the difference:
            The 16GB on the Amazon CUBE (about 13+GB usable) IS BUILT IN whereas the 128GB referenced above would be VIA AN EXTERNAL DRIVE. The TiVo itself is listed as 8GB (roughly about 5GB usable)

          • Tom Wooden says:

            Correct but put a 8 dollar connecting cable and 10 dollar usb storage stick in it and you are all set for less than 50 dollars. Download and watch all you want with no limitations and amazon junk.

          • TechyChris says:

            I will clarify: UNLESS we are trying to compare a TiVo DVR to an Amazon CUBE which are two completely different devices?
            The previous comments referenced the TiVo streaming stick (which is spec’d at 8GB)

          • Tom Wooden says:

            I was talking about a tivo 4k streaming stick and not a tivo dvr. Same as a firestick android based and not amazon based. Does everything a firestick does and better with amazon in it.

  7. Tom Wooden says:
    and on sale alot for 30 bucks or less.

  8. Tom Wooden says:

    So for much cheaper than the fire cube you could have a wonderful streaming stick that works great is super fast and reliable without amazon in your pocket or loading your cube and stick up with unwanted junk. Also, the original poster was complaining about amazon not letting people use their own homepage or launcher. that is not a problem with android devices use any launcher you want, and remove any apps you don’t use or want. this is what makes the tivo stick so much better than amazon sticks or cubes.

  9. Tom Wooden says:

    Don’t get me wrong amazon has a good product as long as your happy with what you can do with it. But what you cannot do with amazon sticks and cubes is what pisses so many other users off, so they move on to other choices is all. Enjoy your evening time to party.

  10. Tom Wooden says:

    $19 onn. Android TV Box at Walmart is a very good stick also with amazon infecting it.

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