Amazon is expected to announce new devices on September 24th

The Amazon Devices & Services team has sent invites to myself and numerous other media outlets for a virtual event on Thursday, September 24, at 10 a.m. PT. The invitation does not specify what will be revealed at the event, other than “some news.” Amazon has held a big hardware reveal event every September for the past several years. New Alexa and Echo devices are usually the focus of these September events, but it’s not unheard of for a Fire TV device to slip in occasionally, such as the announcement of the Fire TV Recast during the 2018 September event. Either way, it should be an interesting day and I’ll be covering all the announcements. The event is by invitation only, so it likely will not be streamed to the public.

  1. Karim says:

    Do you think a new fire tv will be announced since the Fire tv stick is currently unavailable with no date when it will be back in stock.

  2. Tenderfoot56 says:

    Can’t wait… Hopefully a new FireTV Stick is coming…

  3. Charlie says:

    I do and don’t want to see a new HD 10 tablet. I just bought one a few months ago, but I would like to see more ram and maybe a faster processor.

  4. Jeff says:

    Love to see A Gen 2 FTV Box clone, 4g/128g, Hexacore processor, USB easy expansion, and remote with a mouse :)

    • 666 says:

      Yes, it would be great but it will never happen. How many Fire Sticks are sold per each Nvidia Shield sold? 250? More? There’s no market.

      • 666 says:

        Actually, more like 2500. All Android TV devices combined, including Smart TVs don’t make for 10% of the American streaming device market. Amazon Fire devices hava about 35%.

  5. Kawshik Ahmed says:

    A week before big Android TV rebranding and device launch by Google

  6. TechyChris says:

    I really hope a new, more robust fire tv device is in the works I prefer their stability. But my aging Gen 1’s are on their last legs but I just not happy with Amazon’s current offering compared to other android tv manufacturers. The TIVO stream is getting a lot of attention and recently announced it has added Locast Integration. If you live in one of the markets it’s essentially like getting the really cheap cable tv plan for free. (I mean really cheap, my mom is on Comcast’s senior cable plan , local channels only for $25) $0 is still better than $25.

    Amazon was rumored to be starting their own integrated live TV service but I think I’ll be a senior before that happens!

  7. Charlie_ says:

    Oh boy, Amazon Sidewalk. Mesh networking to help [s]the CIA illegally monitor[/s] your neighbors.

  8. spcdust says:

    Waiting to hear if they are going forward with a new Echo Subwoofer or just awaiting new stock of the existing.

    Recently upgraded to Fire TV Stick 4K so I could connect my stereo paired Echo’s but would now like to add the sub both for better TV and music audio.

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