Amazon introduces limited edition Billie Eilish Echo Studio smart speaker

Amazon has announced the availability of a Billie Eilish Limited Edition Echo Studio smart speaker which features the music artist’s latest album cover, “Happier Than Ever” printed on the speaker’s fabric cover. The new Echo Studio costs $229.99, which is $30 more than Amazon’s standard Echo Studio flagship smart speaker. It does, however, include 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited, for both new or existing subscribers, which, at a value of about $50 if you’re a Prime member, does more than cover the extra cost.

Amazon has experimented with unique Echo exteriors for some time. The second-generation Echo Dot offered several fabric and leather covers to spruce up the look of the puck-shaped smart speaker. With the release of the 2nd-gen Echo, Amazon built-in customization since the speaker’s cover was easily removable without any tools. Amazon then released limited edition covers for the 2nd-gen speaker.

Most recently, Amazon experimented with three designer 4th-gen Echo speakers using its crowd-funded platform. Of those three designs, only one of them reached the minimum threshold to be produced. That speaker is still available to pre-order and will be released by March of next year.

This new Billie Eilish Echo Studio likely won’t appeal to most people, but it could indicate that more unique Echo devices are coming. Amazon is expected to announce new Echo devices next week, so there may be some interesting styles to come.

  1. Neil Fellows says:

    That’s an April Fools surely?

  2. Gareth Price says:


  3. Charlie says:

    When do we get the Michael Jackson version?

  4. Mark says:

    This is just a bad joke, yes? SMH

  5. Adam says:

    Old men who aren’t the target audience don’t understand targeted product. News at 11.

    Alexa, turn on yelling at clouds.

    • Gareth Price says:

      This old man, who indeed isn’t the target audience, but does understand the targeted product, also a brit like you I suspect, has a wry sense of humour about it ;-)

      • IrlJidel says:

        Thought this was an April’s fools and had to check date. Won’t date well – are amazon devices now monthly magazines we throw in the thash as our kids grow bored. Great way to save the planet jeff!

  6. Charlie says:

    One thing I love about this forum is that people can post a honest view of an item and won’t be insulted by posters trying to insult old men, who have forgotten more about targeted advertising than a youngster knows. Old men didn’t get that way being stupid.

    • Adam says:

      When you throw a stone, the dog what barks is the one you hit.

      What is “Is this a joke?” other than a purposefully dismissive slight to the people that are targeted and receptive to this product.

      But you didn’t see that as an insult, did you, only my responding comment merited your intervening efforts.

      Arf, arf, baby.

      I’m one of the aforementioned old men, if it doesn’t have Joe Elliott, Tina Turner or David Lee Roth on there, I’m not interested. But I try to keep in mind that something being aimed at younger audiences rather than me doesn’t mean its a joke. Quite the contrary, and I disregard that at my peril. It helps me not publicly advertise my increasing, but inevitable irrelevance. Some choose a different path.

    • Gareth Price says:

      As Kenny Everett, in his alter ego Miss Cunning Stunts, used to say “Dahlings, it’s all done in the best possible taste”

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