Amazon has sold over 150 Million Fire TV Devices

Amazon has revealed that it has now sold more than 150 million Fire TV devices worldwide in total. This is the first time that Amazon, which normally does not reveal any kind of concrete sales figures, has indicated how many Fire TVs it sold. Amazon does occasionally reveal how many active Fire TV users there are, with the most recent figuring being 50 million active users as of about 1 year ago. Comparatively, Roku announced it reached 56.4 million active accounts in November 2021 and Google announced it reached 80 million active Android TV devices in May 2021. Total devices sold (Amazon’s latest figure), active users (Roku’s latest figure), and active devices (Google’s latest figure) are three very different metrics, so there’s no telling which streaming platform is in the lead at this point.

  1. Mark says:

    Hahahaha! And of those, I have 5 in operation, 2 retired, 1 semi-retired, and 2 brand new sitting in my file cabinet drawer.

  2. TechyChris says:

    I realize we are discussing “Tv Type” devices here but I’m not sure how relevant it is to compare Amazon to Google when it comes to total streaming usage.
    There are 3.5 billion Smart Phones in the world (estimated) almost all of which can and probably (the majority) do have Google installed. The same streaming of media can be accomplished via Smart Phones. Amazon, most likely, accounts for a “significantly” smaller amount of Smart Phone Streaming. So, add a couple billion Google users to that 80 million number. I suspect most worldwide users prefer a phone over a TV (I know my kids do). I don’t get it myself; I can’t stand watching anything on such a small screen (my age I suppose). Don’t get me wrong, I prefer Amazon to Google but the simple fact is Amazon, as big as it is, when compared to Google is an ant to my foot.

    • Kary says:

      Point take, but you could also add in desktop and laptop computers to skew the numbers even more. So you’d have large screen numbers, mid-size screen numbers and small screen numbers. And focusing on Amazon, they also have the Fire Tablets.

      I think the point of the author’s exercise though was to just focus on streaming devices connected presumably to larger TVs that traditionally would be connected to cable.

      As to the topic, I have two active Fire TV product, one inactive and one inactive Google TV product.

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