Amazon has announced their own branded Smart Plug Outlet

Amazon has announced their own Amazon Smart Plug to add voice control to any outlet. The plug can be controlled by Alexa or through any mobile device through the Alexa app. It features a compact design that lets you stack two plugs in one outlet, or leave the other outlet accessible. It’s available to pre-order now for $24.99 and will arrive on October 11th.

The Amazon Smart Plug will probably be among the easiest smart plugs to set up. For starters, it uses the Alexa app you probably already have for all of its functionality, so there’s no need to use a separate app just to set up the plug. The Alexa app should automatically notice the plug has been turned on and offer to automatically connect it to your home WiFi network without you needing to enter your password, since Alexa already knows your password if you’ve opted to store it with Amazon.

Altogether, the Amazon Smart Plug might actually require you to do nothing more than plug it in and start using it immediately if what Amazon has put together pans out like they say it does. Other than it’s ability to be set up in seconds, there isn’t too much that stands it out from other smart plugs. It does offer scheduling, which is a feature not found on all smart plugs in this price range.

The Amazon Smart Plug is available to pre-order on its own for $24.99, but Amazon is offering $10 off when you buy it in the same order as one of their Echo devices, like the new Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus, and even the existing Echo.

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