Amazon Glow kids interactive video-calling device discontinued after just 1 year

Amazon has discontinued the Amazon Glow, as first reported by Bloomberg and confirmed by Amazon. The device allowed a child to have a video call with a friend or family member while also interacting with them through a touch interface projected downward on a table’s surface. It was certainly an innovative product but it seems to have been focused too much on pandemic-era kids to really succeed.

The Amazon Glow must have had very poor sales figures to be discontinued so quickly. It was announced last year at Amazon’s annual new product event in September. The Amazon Glow was initially only available by invitation at an introductory price of $249.99. It wasn’t until March of this year that it became available to anyone at its full price of $329.99 with some included accessories. The lowest price it ever reached was $149.99 during Prime Day, but it seems like even at that price it wasn’t worth it to enough people.

If you own one, Amazon says “we will be sharing updates and guidance with Globe customers soon.” It’s unknown if the device will remain functional for those who own it and/or if buyers will be compensated in any way.

  1. O.R.M says:

    Hopefully the reCast product isn’t next on the chopping block!

    If it is, I hope Amazon allows for the use of 3rd party/alternative electronic TV programming guide data! And continued support by the all of the FireTV devices and Apps.

    Even better, would be to open source the software – not very likely!

    • hittsy says:

      If you want something with a bit more guarantee, you might want to look into a PLEX server with an hdhomerun network tuner.

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