Amazon Glow is a video calling device for kids with an interactive projector built-in

Among the many new devices that Amazon announced today is the Amazon Glow, which is a video chatting device that allows both participants to interact with a tabletop video projection. The gadget is targeted exclusively for kids to talk and interact with distant family members and friends.

For the child using the Amazon Glow, they see the person they are talking to on an 8-inch 1280×800 resolution LCD screen in portrait orientation. In front of them, projected onto their tabletop, is a 19.2-inch touch-sensitive projection from a downward-firing 720p projector. On the other side of the video call, using a phone or a tablet, the other call participant sees the child as well as what is being projected on the child’s tabletop.

The idea is that young kids quickly lose attention during video calls, so giving them games, puzzles, and books that both call participants can interact with will make for a much better experience for both parties. Amazon has teamed up with Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, Mattel, and Disney for a first batch of things to do with kids and the Amazon Glow. There will be books with animated characters, puzzles, drawing apps, and games like chess, checkers, memory match,, and more.

The device comes with 7 tangram puzzle pieces that are used for various activities. The Amazon Glow also has a downward-facing camera that can see the placement of the tangrams. It also allows the kids to scan in their own toys or items for inclusion in some games.

For now, the Amazon Glow can only interact with mobile devices. It’s not possible for two Amazon Glows to call each other. It’s also possible for a child to play with the Amazon Glow on its own, without someone calling in, but that’s not the intended purpose.

You can request an invite to order the Amazon Glow for an introductory price of $249.99. After the invite-only period, the price will increae to $299.99.

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  1. Keith says:

    Ive been waiting for an interactive projector for years since I saw a prototype sometime around 2015.
    This is pretty basic but on the right track and it’s surprisingly inexpensive (relatively I guess).

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