Amazon giving shoppers who missed out on ‘$30 off $150 Visa promotion’ a $30 Gift Card


Amazon’s $30 off $150 Visa Promotion during Prime Day was one of the best ways for shoppers to maximize thier savings, which is why it was a huge letdown when the promotion abruptly expired midday. It’s unknown if the promotion ending was deliberate or a result of another glitch in Amazon’s checkout system, but the company is trying to make things right. Customers who tried to use the “VISA30” promo code at checkout during Prime day, but couldn’t, are being given a $30 Amazon gift card. The credit is automatically loaded into your account. It’s not clear if you had to actually complete your failed promo purchase to qualify for the free gift card, but if you tried and couldn’t use the code on Prime Day, check your email for a message from Amazon and check your Amazon gift card balance for an unexpected credit.

Here is the email some customers are receiving:

Dear Valued Prime Member,

In connection with Prime Day, we ran a limited offer of $30 off a purchase of $150 or more with the Amazon Rewards Visa Card on We see that you entered the promotion code VISA30 after the offer had already expired. Because you are a valued Prime Member, we have loaded a $30 Gift Card to your account.

The gift card funds have already been loaded to your account and are available for your immediate use. You can see your current Gift Card balance by visiting the following location:

We truly value you as a customer and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Thank you,

Amazon Customer Service

  1. tubemonkey says:

    Whatever reason they had for cancelling it, Amazon promised that the offer would be valid until 11:59pm PT.

    “Get $30 off an purchase of $150 or more by selecting your Rewards Visa Card as your payment method and entering the promotion code VISA30 at checkout. Promotion code commences at 12:00 a.m. (PT) July 12, 2016, and expires at 11:59 p.m. (PT) July 12, 2016.”

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’m with you that it should have just lasted all day, but the terms you linked do say “while supplies last”, which means it was both limited by time and quantity. So, to play devil’s advocate, they didn’t go against their terms.

      • tubemonkey says:

        I know, but I have strong feelings about the inherent conflict with their wording and the use of two paragraphs when one would’ve sufficed. It should’ve been worded like their gift card promo:

        This is a limited time offer.
        This offer is good only on July 12, 2016, and while supplies last.

        Simple and to the point.

  2. Omar says:

    Just checked I got mine ! Thanks again for the info

  3. cyberwitch says:

    Damn, when I tried and missed out on the $10 off $50 gift card, and read the $30 off $150 was cancelled too, I didn’t even bother trying. Wish I had now.

  4. Sam F says:

    I can say that I did try to apply the coupon, but when the code failed I didn’t complete the purchase. I have not received an email yet and they haven’t updated my balance.

  5. Stevenq says:

    I tried to place my order and I got the error message. After trying several times to get it to work I eliminated some items from my order and even changed my payment method to something other than my Visa card. I still got the $30 credit.

    Amazon is awesome.

  6. kngsxfan says:

    Wish they would do that with the $10 promo credit when you buy $50 in Amazon Gift Cards. Didn’t go through even though I entered the code and ordered.

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