Amazon Fling allows Android and iOS media casting to Fire TV

Amazon has announced a new SDK for developers called Amazon Fling which allows Android and iOS apps to “cast” media to the Fire TV. The Fling SDK also allows developers to build companion apps that remotely work with apps on the Fire TV. At its core, Amazon Fling gives Chromecast-like functionality to the Fire TV, but can be leveraged to do much more.


Amazon Fling lets mobile apps send audio, video, and images to Fire TVs connected to the same network as the mobile device. The SDK handles all the discovery and communication between the two devices, simplifying the process for developers. Amazon has gone a step further by providing developers who already use Google Cast in their apps with instructions to easily integrate Amazon Fling into their apps.

This new SDK isn’t only about sending media to Fire TVs. Developers can use Amazon Fling to send any communication between their mobile apps and Fire TV apps. Amazon Fling can even be used to remotely install the Fire TV version of an app from within a developer’s smartphone or tablet app.


Amazon has highlighted two apps already using Amazon Fling. The first is Karaoke Party which displays song lyrics and videos on the Fire TV. The app allows customers to use their smartphone as a microphone by sending audio captured on the smartphone, via Amazon FLing, to the Fire TV. The second app already using Amazon Fling is Rivet Radio which lets you listen to news on a mobile device or the Fire TV, and seamlessly transition between the two devices using Amazon’s new SDK. Rivet Radio achieves this with the new Fling SDK without even having a Fire TV app.

Amazon Fling capabilities are included in the latest Fire TV and Fire TV Stick software update that has been making its way out to devices since the beginning of July.

  1. Craig says:

    I’ve emailed every developer I could think of today (Starz, BeyondPod, AllCast, Plex, Rdio, Sermon Audio) telling them to support this. I didn’t HBG Go, Netflix and Hulu, but that’s because I figured Amazon was probably already talking with them about it.

  2. BoomSchtick says:

    Awesome! I have dearly missed AirPlay since switching from the ATV2. It would be amazing if this is rapidly deployed.

  3. Craig says:

    I’m hoping Amazon Instant Video, Prime Music and Audible are quickly updated with this! In all honesty? I’ve been secretly hoping Amazon was going to develop this since Google screwed everyone with requiring Play Services, thus leaving Fire devices out in the cold.

  4. mGuest says:

    Why not implement direct UPnP/DLNA for FireTV? So apps already developed for UPnP/DLNA can stream without any change.

    • Craig says:

      If you mean why not “just use” DLNA instead of creating this Fling protocol, it’s because DLNA is a flakey protocol that was really never intended for streaming web content. For starters DLNA doesn’t support DRM which Netflix, Rdio, Hulu, HBO GO would require to protect their content. It’s also very very limited in the second-screen meta-data it could send. Un-encrypted web content always had to be proxy’ed through the device it was playing from which drained the battery faster, instead of going straight from internet to playback device. Also you can’t begin playback of content on one device and pickup another device to continue controlling it.

      Beyond that, I’m just happy that this will be more open than Chromecast because this won’t require any other processes to be installed, than just the media app (ex Netflix) itself. Chromecast doesn’t work on anything Google hasn’t blessed with Play Services and Amazon appears to have no interest in ever licensing Play from Google, in favor of their own independent Android app ecosystem, services and API’s.

      • mGuest says:

        Sure, DLNA isn’t made for streaming web content. But that’s not my intention. I like to push videos, pictures and music from my smart phone to the big TV screen. That’s working fine with DLNA.

        • Craig says:

          I guess with there being DLNA receiver apps in the App Store from 3rd party devs, they simply have no incentive to officially support it themselves. Especially with “Fling” supporting local device content, once implemented into apps like AllCast. Nobody outside of Microsoft is really even actively supporting DLNA content rendering with “PlayTo”. Roku has “Play On Roku” which is severely limited to local content. Apple has “AirPlay”, Google has “Google Cast”. Outside of that, the only alternative is Mira-Cast which even Google is dropping support for in their latest Nexus devices, leaving it up to OEMS to implement themselves.

  5. Justin says:

    Could this be added as an option to apps that support google cast? Like you press a cast button and you can choose a google cast or amazon fling device? Or is this just going to be in apps on the amazon app store?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yes, this can be added to apps that support Google Cast. Amazon is hoping developers do exactly that. They have outlined exactly how to add Fling to apps that already have Google Cast.

  6. sunrise 495 says:

    As of today, what is the best way to “fling” from an iPhone, and an Samsung Android phone? The best “free” way, and perhaps the best “paid” way? Does adding Kodi into the equation change anything? As always, love the site, check it twice a day.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Apps need to add the Fling ability mention in this post before it will work, so we have to wait for that. For iOS, you best option is one of the AirPlay apps for the Fire TV. I recommend AirReceiver. I don’t have much experience with Android, but I hear AllCast is a good option.

      Thanks for continuously visiting my little old site here. :-)

  7. Shane says:

    For me personally, I find that AirPlay/DLNA receiver(pro) to be about the best on the market for iOS. I haven’t come across a single issue yet. It costs a few dollars more then AirReceiver, but it works every time and seems to be as close to AirPlay that I’ve found.

  8. RgnKjnVA says:

    It’s been 7 weeks, no Fling Chrome extension?! ;)

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