Amazon fixes broken/missing sideload app icons on new Fire TV Stick 4K & 4K Max running Fire OS 8

Amazon has pushed out a software update that fixes the bug causing sideloaded apps to have missing icons on the new Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max. The resurfacing of this old bug in Amazon’s new operating system, Fire OS 8, began bothering early adopters of the new Firesticks immediately on launch day last week. Amazon acknowledged it was working on fixing the issue a few days later. That fixed update is starting to roll out to affected devices.

The fix comes by way of a system component update on the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K and 4K Max, so you won’t see the Fire OS version change to receive this update. Specifically, the bug is in the Amazon Appstore system app, which is responsible for rendering app icons throughout the Fire TV interface. The version of the Appstore app containing the fix is release-8.5023.5.v.x.224489.0_424050010.

You can check for and install system component updates, which are, essentially, updates to pre-installed system apps, the same way you check for operating system updates under Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates. If you go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications and highlight the Appstore app, you’ll see the app’s version number scrolling on the right side of the screen. If the number at the end of the app’s software version is 424050010 or higher, then you know you have the fix installed.

Once the Appstore app has been updated with the fixed version, it may take some time for icons of sideloaded apps to begin appearing throughout the Fire TV interface because your Fire TV needs to refresh the cached broken icons over time. You can help speed this along by restarting your Fire TV, moving apps around, and launching apps.

With this fix, icons for sideloaded apps should appear throughout the entire Fire TV interface. I’ve confirmed that they now appear on the home screen navigation bar, in the recently launched apps row on the home screen, in the app grid where all apps are shown, and in other places. While it took several weeks for Amazon to fix this bug when it resurfaced on the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube at its launch, it’s great to see it only took a few days for Amazon to fix it this time around. Hopefully, this will be the last time we see this pesky bug.

  1. Greg says:

    When you do the update as mentioned and you install it. Press on check for updates again as you will get another update and install it. Then do a restart. Once fully restarted then check you will see the all your icons including the ones that where previously missing.

  2. Shane says:

    Is there any word on international version of the new firstick 4k max? Seems to only be available in specific countries to pre order.

    • Greg says:

      There’s no difference between the Firestick Max’s 2023 version only in Name. The New Max is Available in the USA, New Zealand, I Think Australia, The Uk and I gather the EU is on the 18th October 12 days away UK time.

      • Shane says:

        Cause I’m in Ireland. Amazon UK won’t deliver it to me so I can’t pre order. The international version isn’t available to pre order yet so I’m wondering when it will be available.

        • Greg says:

          Do you know anyone in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and/or in the EU.
          Even if you know someone in the USA, Australia, or New Zealand.

          Or you just wait to after 18th and see ubuy,ebay,etc. Have them available if you can’t buy directly from Amazon UK,Eu etc.

          • Shane says:

            I could get it delivered to a parcel motel in Northern Ireland. I live about 30 mins from one.If the international version doesn’t become available by the 18th I will do that I think.

      • Graham Alford says:

        The storage is 16 GB on the new only 8 on the previous one

    • Graham Alford says:

      No it’s a disgrace Amazon UK will deliver to northern Ireland but not Ireland

  3. Stanley Stidham says:

    Yes update reset mine and locked up want let me activate it now

    • Greg says:

      Did you mean lock you out of your Firestick Max is that what you meant

      Try contacting Amazon Customer Service Fire TV and Live Chat and explain everything to them as it is still under warranty they should replace it if they can’t help you fix it.

  4. ATG says:

    Confirmed fixed in Fire OS (RS8101/1849)

    • Pointless says:

      The article litterally says “you won’t see the Fire OS version change to receive this update” so posting your Fire OS version is pointless.

  5. Wag16 says:

    I read your article on permission problems on installation & configuration of 3rd party apps on the new firesticks, have you heard anything about them fixing this? The thing I dislike the most is no control of when the new Ambient screen saver goes to sleep (15 minutes). The ADB command to control sleep has no effect.

    • Matt says:

      @AFTVnews Elias, could you please confirm that the ADB command for changing the sleep timeout doesn’t work anymore? I already preordered a new 4K Max Stick, which will arrive on Oct 19th (Germany). I’m using my current Stick for playing music in the background and changed the sleep timeout because the screensaver starts and the Stick would go to sleep. If the ADB command wont work anymore, I can’t use the new Stick and propably will cancel the order.

  6. ORION says:

    Hi, “Launch on boot APK” no longer works with the latest “firestick OS 8”. There are some other apk that work with Fire OS 8 to automatically start Kodi at boot?

  7. Jerry says:

    Has there been a fix on mouse toggle app? Much needed for numerous apps. Works with pointer arrow on older version Fire Sticks and Fire TV. Does not work on newest Fire TV 4K Max.

  8. Pdub says:

    When my apps have an update on the new 4k os it will download but will not install. Any fix?

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