Amazon Fire TVs now allow you to check for and install system app updates

A new feature introduced with the new software update, for older Fire TV models, and software update, for newer Fire TV models, gives you a bit more control over when system apps get updated. As an alternative to overall operating system updates, Amazon began the practice of updating individual system apps, such as Amazon Photos or Prime Video, separately a few years ago. This would occur silently in the background as a way to update individual Fire TV components without needing to update the entire operating system. With the latest round of software updates, it’s now possible to manually check for system app updates and force them to install.

Most Fire TV owners are probably familiar with the option to check for software updates, located in the Settings area as the last option in the My Fire TV > About menu. That same option now serves double duty as both a place to check for and install operating system updates and, now also, “System component” updates. System components are the various pre-installed 1st-party apps, made by Amazon, that come with the Fire TV by default.

Prior to this change, there was no way to know if a system app update was waiting to be installed. The Fire TV normally waits for an ideal state, such as when you’re not using the device, to install system app updates in the background. This is so that the update does not disturb what you’re currently doing with the device. With this new change, you can now see if a system app update is pending and choose to manually force it to install.

Unfortunately, the update interface does not tell you which system apps are being updated, just that something is updating. When you select to install a system component update, the Fire TV displays the “Finishing Updates” screen you see above for a few minutes, while the system app is being updated. If you notice that your Fire TV’s operating system has received an update, it’s probably a good idea to check the last option in the Settings > My Fire TV > About menu to see if a system component update is waiting to be installed. If you never check that screen, the system component update will eventually install itself on its own.

  1. Dominic Greer says:

    My fire tv box gen 1 is still on fire is (630508620) I checked for updates but it says it’s up to date. It will not stay connected to internet but connects to WiFi with a very strong signal and great speeds. So it has to be the device and I was wondering what do I need to do..

    • AFTVnews says:

      The update is still being rolled out. There are plenty of devices that haven’t received it yet. I don’t know if the update will fix your connection issues, but hold tight and you should receive the update soon enough. There’s no way to force the update. You just have to wait until it’s your device’s turn.

  2. Alan Markowitz says:

    Twice in the past month my amazon fire tv 3 generation updated and revered o factory settings causing me to lose various apks and having to reinstall them. How can I prevent this

  3. James stephens says:

    Any change Amazon will ever release a improved fire tv set top box with better and more ram ddr4, (3gb)on board storage of 32 GB,poss tv tuners,with on board recording storage.All in one box.Do you no of a android box that works better then the fire tv. A box with all in one for about $200.00 would be great!Also is the wifi better on the 4k stick,because of the new type antennas , my wifi on my box is real bad.Also Can you add a external antenna to the gen 2 box to improve wifi .I’m really having wifi issues tried all normal tips.Any ideas to improve wifi?

  4. Peter says:

    This system components update lately is a disaster. It never updates properly if one is using the device. The update start automatically by itself and never ends. Reboot the device 3 times and with each reboot the update downloads incrementally a little further each time. The 3rd reboot shown the download has completed but the home screen version is the same old version. When press check for upates, it just hangs checking for updates and when go go back and the look again in the updates it shows that the system is up to date.

    On some forums they state one must disconnect the device from the tv and leave overnight to update, did this and update was successful with a new home version. However when reset the device the home version reverts back to ghe old one and the whole problem of download system components starts all over again. This is not normal.

    Its really a mess and reason I am binning my new firetv stick.

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