Amazon Fire TV’s most popular VPN improves network speed by 2.5x

IPVanish, the most popular VPN app used by Fire TV users, has announced the completion of a network upgrade that they say will increase server network throughput by 2.5x. Starting back in February of last year, IPVanish began upgrading their server network cards from 10 Gbps to 25 Gbps and now enters 2021 with, what they claim, is the fastest VPN in the world. If you tried IPVanish in the past and weren’t impressed, especially if it was more than a year ago, it might be worth giving the service another try. Their current plans cost $4.99 for 1 month or $39.99 for 1 year. While IPVanish, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a free trial, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on their annual plan only if you cancel within 30 days.

  1. Stephan says:

    Rofl 25gbps? Hown many user do they have? 500 user a 50mbits?

    • Sorry if it wasn’t clear in the article, but it’s an upgrade to 25 Gbps per server, not for their entire network.

    • Al says:

      Not sure how you couldn’t figure out that it was per server, common sense and logic alone should’ve allowed you to get to that conclusion without any help or explaining. Common sense is a luxury these days, it would seem.

  2. David Villalobos Cambronero says:

    Hi all,

    I live in Costa Rica and used to use PureVPN, but canceled it beacuse the Fire TV starts to show me a message telling me that I was not on USA.

    Do you know if I will have that problem with IPVanish?


  3. says:


    • Nate says:

      If you’re going to make accusations, at least be literate about it:


      • mrvco says:

        At least the user name checks out.

        Regardless, this is nothing but VPN marketing. is an affiliate link obfuscation url for Commission Junction (

        • Nate says:

          Not disagreeing with anything you’re saying specifically, but the salient point is that making the accusation of one being a ‘shill’ is pretty disingenuous. It’s made very clear in the disclosures page ( that this site does participate in affiliate networks. This would be a very different story if it read as, “I am a totally unaffiliated customer of this service and think it is the best out there! Here, click on these random links I am throwing into the article!”

    • Since it seems like you and others have objections to this post, I feel that I need to mention that I have never been paid or taken any kind of compensation for anything that has ever been written on this website, including this post. This is not an ad and I have not been paid to post this. I chose to write this post because a lot of Fire TV users use VPNs and it seemed newsworthy that the most commonly used VPN on Fire TVs has increased their speed. This post, like the majority of my posts, does use affiliate links that pay me a kickback if you make a purchase through my link. I put affiliate links in my posts any chance I get because it’s an unobtrusive way to earn revenue that keeps this site going and lets me run it full time.

      If you think this post isn’t newsworthy, I genuinely want to hear the reasons why. If you think their claims about upgrading their network or their speeds is BS, please tell me why. I’m not here to promote them for no reason or, worse, rebroadcast false information, especially not for a few bucks in affiliate revenue. I don’t personally use a VPN so I don’t know much about how they compare. It just seemed to me like the VPN that the Amazon appstore lists as the top downloaded was worth covering when it supposedly gets faster.

      • Nate says:

        Elias, I don’t think you even have to justify yourself on this one. Affiliate links do not equate to being a ‘shill’. Honestly, I see no reason why links that earn you revenue from the highest downloaded VPN for Fire TV is controversial in any way. This would be no different than you linking to a paid app in the app store with an affiliate link; what’s next? You’re in the pocket of big Jackbox Games? These would be the first people to get angry this site closes up shop due to lack of revenue. Keep the good articles and news coming!

        • Thanks Nate. I appreciate the defense. I am still curious why the disdain for this post. Maybe people are just fed up with always hearing VPN ads in podcasts and YouTube videos, that any mention of a VPN makes them think it must be an ad. Hopefully one of the commenters above will chime in.

  4. Jonathan Ryan says:

    I think that’s it. So many vpn ads everywhere basically do posts that look similar to what you put, especially on lifehacker and their affiliate sites that I’m sure people thought you had gone to marketing without disclosing or whatever. I wouldn’t really worry about it as most of your users like me that have been following you for years, despite the unfortunate Amazon interruption…. Probably will too. I would just say for future reports for vpns and a few things that are aggressively marketed that way to note your intent it in the post. Just so you know, I’m not even offended if you were shilling for them because a girls gotta make money somehow (and yes I know ur not a girl, it’s a joke) I would just say if you were shilling for something in the future, be blatant about it. I would appreciate it if you don’t as that tends to corrupt content eventually, but at some point if you do decide to, just tell people. We’re all selling something, but for your next vpn update or review, or something similar like that which are marketed cess pool style as a category, I would just say in the first line, hey I saw this news and they aren’t paying me to refer it or whatever. Ahh but some of the people actually paid to promote vpns nefariously do just that… So I guess you just can’t win. Basically I think you’re fine unless you start doing weight loss pill reviews or reviewing how I can increase my testosterone….;)

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