Amazon Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks receiving new minor software update

A new software update is currently rolling out to all Amazon Fire TV models and Fire Stick models. The Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Edition televisions don’t appear to be receiving this update. The Fire TV 3 (pendant is being updated to version with a build value of NS6253/1441, while all 1st and 2nd generation Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks are being updated to version with a build value of 617513220. This update appears to be tiny and minor, so it likely fixes some specific bug that was recently discovered. Many Fire TVs have not yet received the last software release. It’s possible that this latest update fixes an issue that forced Amazon to halt the rollout of the last update. It’s difficult to know what is fixed or changed, so if you notice anything different after receiving this update, be sure to let everyone know in the comments below.


Correction: 1st-gen Element and Westinghouse Fire TV Edition televisions are receiving the (617513220) update as well.

  1. midwaybrit says:

    The update Is now on my devices. Since which time the Home Screen is displaying “Home Screen is Currently Unavailable” and I can’t access any of my apps and the devices are now useless and basically bricked.
    Anyone else received the update and have the same issue ?

  2. Jim says:

    After the last update, I noticed when I turn on my gen 1 FireTV, my television no longer would turn on with it. I think that is part of the HDMI CEC feature? I hope that is fixed. Or if anyone has also found that, please share what you did to fix it. I’ve tried changing the settings, resetting the tv features, etc. Nothing seems to work.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’ve read several people mention that a recent update removed CEC power-on support. Due to how my TV behaves, I can’t really reliably test this, so hopefully someone with the issue will chime in letting us know if this update restores CEC power on.

      • AFTVFan says:

        Received build 617513220 Friday on both of my 1st-gen Fire TV 1 boxes and HDMI-CEC power-on is now nonfunctional on both.

    • Dan says:

      Jim, I thought I was crazy because I noticed the same thing with my FireTV Stick Gen 2 NOT turning my TV on when I hit the HOME Button on the FireTV Remote.

      I appear to have received the update today, and I rebooted the FireTV Stick and found that if I press the Home Button on the remote once, nothing appears to happen, but if I press the Home Button twice with each click about 1/2 second apart, the FireTV Stick comes out of Sleep Mode and Turns on my TV.

      I can replicate this several times by pressing and holding the Home Button for a few seconds, then selecting the SLEEP option for the Fire TV Stick, then powering off the TV.

      If I press the Home Button twice too fast, the TV will not come on, so I hope this helps others.

    • John says:

      I am having this same issue after the update. The home button no longer turns my TV on, it’s very annoying. I hope they fix it soon. The voice recognition also seems a bit laggier or something.

    • Santiago says:

      Try pressing the home button twice. That worked for me after an update prevented all the other buttons from turning on my tv with de FireTV stick (2nd gen) control. All in all, the HDMI CEC fueature seems to be still working.

  3. Mike says:

    One thing that stood out to me was a big banner ad on the bottom of the home screen. I might not have noticed it before, but the number of ads on FireTV and Prime is getting REALLY annoying. It’s to the point that I’m starting to look at alternatives.

  4. 1Maenad says:

    Same here. I received an update the end of August and it also caused problems with the voice remote. Seems like voice commands are not being recognized on the firestick.

  5. Haokaka says:

    This update fixed a huge problem I had with certain media that caused the picture to stutter and app crashing. Before this update I had to turn off hardware acceleration on certain media for it to play somewhat well, but now it works perfect even with HA on. Thanks Amazon! I do not think it is related to 24p cause I tried forcing it to 24 and 25hz prior to this update and it is not help.

  6. Robert says:

    Really hoping they have fixed a bug in the Network/Ethernet setting area.

    I have noticed in the last week that I need to change my DNS server settings on my ethernet connection (I use a cable to my router).

    The AFTV menu lets you in to change the network settings – but no matter what you enter it wont keep the changes. It pretends to let you ‘forget’ the ethernet network – you press the confirm button – but it wont delete it.

    So basically you can not do anything with the ethernet connection – realy hope it has a fix for that.

    I have also noticed that just pressing the “Select” button (to wake the AFTV) no longer kicks in the HDMI-CEC to switch on my Home Theatre and TV. Pressing the “Home” button however, does seem to work ok though.

    • Robert says:

      UPDATE: Hmm – That new software installed today – Sadly still unable to alter/delete the ethernet connection details in any way :-(

  7. Josh says:

    I’ve been having problems on rbox’s june rom – ITV app needs the amazon store to work :(

  8. Duarte Cabral says:

    The problem I’ve been having is the stick loses my internet connection. I know the internet is on and it is the fastest you can get, but still the stick loses it. I have to keep unplugging it and plugging it back in. VERY ANNOYING! Can you tell me why this happens, and please don’t tell me it’s my internet!

  9. johanov says:

    i hope that the CUBE will receive an update soon also, because at the moment it’s just a useless brick for me, i’m so disappointed of this device…

  10. Jonathan Bocanumenth says:

    I have an issue where after i change inputs my lg 2018 oled will no longer see the video signal and i have to pull the plug repeatedly until it finally comes on. This is a second device with the same issue and it does it no matter the input i plug it into, even the one that my tivo works fine on. I’ve tried changing settings but nothing works. I’m hoping that this update will fix the issue i have.

  11. Glennae Bartle says:

    Network connection notification

  12. Debbie Alley says:

    everything was working fine until this morning
    no internet connection
    device will not recognize the modem it’s hard wired to
    I don’t know what else to try

  13. Charlie says:

    Got it on my FTV2 and it took a very long time, but no obvious issues.

    • Charlie says:

      The next time I woke up this FTV2 after the update I got a notice before the homepage loaded about changes to Alexa and to be honest I didn’t pay enough attention to report what it stated.

      I rarely use Alexa on it, if ever, so I wouldn’t notice if anything were different.

  14. TechyChris says:

    This is why I blocked updates long ago. Sometimes “newer” is not always “better”. My Fire TV’s have worked perfectly every single day since purchase(2014). By the time the software version they’re on is no longer functional the hardware will be obsolete anyway. Not to dig up old wounds but every time I see something like this I really wish consumers were given the “easy” option of what to update and what not to. Oh well…

  15. J says:

    On my FTV 2nd Gen, hopefully this fixes my issue since the “120” Build Update, that when ever I went to the “Apps” section, it would crash and reboot back to the Home Screen.

    However, if I used the shortcut ( pressing and hold the Home button on the Voice Remote ) , it worked as intended.

    So here’s hoping this “220” Build update fixes that.

  16. Baar says:

    Mine started before 120 update on both of my firesticks 2nd gen.Alexa was getting real dumb,ask her to do somthing,she says she cant,then a min.later she suggest i say the same thing i asked her to do.Around same time i got ethernet adapters to hard wire the sticks,bad timing cause when 120 came down messed up both fsticks.1 in wired mode is stuck on wired settings,cant change to wifi (witch is sad to say is twice as fast than the wired)without unplugging wired,the other one just trying to download the update,took 3 days.and alexa still doesn’t work properly, when im on keybord and push the mic only half a blue line,the red message says repeat didnt after220 updated i was told i dont have appstore downloaded.figured out that my ISP put my wifi part of my account on IPV6 and my wired is still on IPV4,hence nowork

  17. Michael Agner says:

    I’ve not run into anything like others have reported, but I do know of 2 changes;

    a. The HDMI CEC command to turn your TV on has been restored;

    b. A previous release evidently took the popular Pluto TV app out of the apps list on which you can use the Launch voice command; if you tried, you were taken to the store to install it, even if you had it already installed. Now the launch command works as you would expect it. Note that Pluto is not an app you would need to sideload (as one know it all suggested to me).

  18. Grant says:

    My FTV2 box is also messed up after the update. The home screen no longer comes up (just a blank screen), and I can’t get into the settings either. The only way to open an app is to hold down the Home button and go to the Apps that way.

    If I try to press Home after going into an app – lets say Netflix, it just flashes briefly, and then goes back to Netflix. The apps all still run, so I know the internet connection isn’t the issue.

  19. Kylara51 says:

    I can’t put it to Sleep by pressing the Home Button anymore.
    Lots of quirks, I hope they fix it soon.

  20. WVL says:

    Since the update, the HDMI-CEC does not work on any of the AFTV boxes that we have. Each TV is connected to it’s own AFTV box which is configured to enable HDMI-CEC. After the update, the HDMI-CEC does not work anymore. I am wondering if the developer that did the update to AFTV is the same that does the Nvidia Shield, because that box is also experiencing the same issue and it started happening at the exact same time.

  21. VWgti says:

    Toshiba fire tv
    The problem i have now is the volume up and down will not display on the screen and the mute button does not show up either. The other issue is the the button with the 3 lines will not show setting commands

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