Amazon Fire TV update and Fire TV Stick update have been released

The most feature packed Fire TV and Fire TV Stick software updates to date have officially been released. I’ve been getting multiple reports from people who have already received the new update. It appears Amazon has already found and corrected an issue with these new updates since there seems to be two different versions of each. Fire TVs first began receiving update version but are now receiving a newer version numbered Likewise, Fire TV Sticks were originally downloading version but are now receiving version

Don’t be worried if you haven’t received the update yet. Initially, only about 5% of devices will receive the update. Once Amazon is confident the software update is free of issues, they’ll distribute it to more and more devices.

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  1. Chad says:

    Any trip reports running games from usb stick?

    • Peter says:

      If you mean side loaded apps like xmbc kodi yes i have it

      But i read an article somewere about the new update can detect ur root and fry ur fire tv does anyone no if thats true?

  2. Elad says:

    Does this update “normal” mount external disk and allow access to apps like KODI ?

  3. anthony says:

    does this update has the effect on rooted device?

  4. Lee Stringer says:

    Why am I always last to receive updates, but on a plus note it finally means I can have all the games installed instead of being sat in the cloud.

  5. Strigy says:

    Everyone with the update are you EU or US?

  6. noiprocks says:

    And could someone thta has received the update please answer:

    – where do you live ? (EU,US)

    – can you now really use an usb hdd (ntfs) for your kodi movies

  7. Strigy says:

    Wondering if this is making a difference. The US site shows previous update

    UK site is showing the new update

    I have a US device in the UK and have had no update yet. Some of my friends in the UK have received the update. Is the model making a difference? Any US devices received the update yet?

  8. Cabe says:

    You can use Xbmc / Kodi for playback your movies on usb

  9. DJ1 says:

    Looking for a rooted version now. This keeps getting better. Gr8 !

  10. PeHead says:

    Side loaded apps still work and usb works great.

  11. Chris says:

    Kodi still works. No prob. No ntfs support though. :(

    • Steve says:

      Sad…so it’s still kind of useless.

      How the f**** are you supposed to get your modern HD media files on a file system (fat 32) that only supports files with max 4GB *grr*

      • jakepe says:

        have you ever heard about a NAS ? :-)

      • JohnnyL says:

        I use a small solid state wireless SSD to hold my portable HD media. I don’t think you can talk modern HD media and USB thumb drive in the same sentence. Thumb drives despite increasing capacity are not modern plus capacity limited.

  12. Dave D says:

    Has anybody tried running games from a flash drive? Something like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, etc. Just interested if they run slow or not. That’s the biggest reason I wanted external storage. For me to install a game of substantial size I have to delete half my apps currently.

  13. Victor says:

    If Kodi is the only sideloaded app that I really need and it does appear in recent apps when sideloaded from Android’s Amazon Appstore. Is there any real reason I’d really need or want to have a rooted/rootable AFTV. I’m looking to sell 2 units to a friend, but don’t really see the necessity for a rooted box. Can someone give me any ideas? Would be very much appreciated. Thx

  14. J says:

    If you install Amazon apps on your android phone or tab with same Amazon account, then click the sinc option on firetv or firetv stick. Your apps should show up on firetv! With the proper recent apps icon you want for desktop or home screen.

  15. McChen says:

    I have the update and Prime Music is now broken. Not sure if it is related to the update or something on Amazon’s side. Anyways, the symptoms are:

    In the Music section on Fire TV, you can only see and play the Amazon curated playlists. All access to your music library is gone. The categories relating to your library just aren’t there anymore.

    Also playing the song shows the beginning of the lyrics feed, but it doesn’t scroll or sync to the song anymore.

    When searching, search results for music shows the number of search hits, but when you look at the search results, there is nothing listed there. Sometimes it does show some results, but trying to play the song or view album/artist results in nothing happening.

    Anyone else seeing this either with or without the new update?

    • McChen says:

      if anyone happens to run into this issue, apparently it is a known issue with the update, according to my chat with amazon support. solution is simple though. force stop the amazon music app, clear the data, and restart.

  16. Marc says:

    The lack of details in some of these comments are killing me. I have a non-rooted Fire TV with XBMC sideloaded. I’ve taken a number of my Blu-Rays and did straight conversions into MKVs. These files usually end up in the 30 GB range. Based on what I’m reading here, it seems like I still won’t be able to play them on my Fire TV without rooting. I’d love someone to correct me, though!

    • Holly203 says:

      Hi Marc

      Place your 30GB Files in a Network share and everything is (already) fine.

      Obviously new FW supports just FAT32 for USB drive. As a consequence files abouve 4GB are not possible…

      • Marc says:

        Thanks much for the response. Yeah, I can get it to work over my network, but I’d love to be able to just plug it in whenever I feel like accessing my library. I just don’t do it all that often…

  17. Deano72 says:

    Just purchased (free) from Amazon App Store website Kodi app.
    Works perfectly. No need to sideload or have llama use ikono to place in recent.
    Now uninstalled llama!
    And ikono.

    • Will G says:

      It still says it is not compatible with the Fire TV.

    • achilles1001 says:

      Kodi is listed as not compatible with the fire tv in the amazon app store. How did you get it installed directly from the app store?

      • hdmkv says:

        ‘Buy’ it anyway, and assuming you have Kodi APK sideloaded onto your FTV, just perform a sync under Account in Settings. You may need to deregister and re-register your FTV to have the icon show up on Home screen.

        • Deano72 says:

          This worked.
          Already had it sideloaded. Bought from store. Synced.
          It then appeared with new icon and no name.
          Removed ikono. Removed llama. Rebooted and this App Store Kodi with new icon image still present and working.

      • Niall says:

        There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube explaining how to load Kodi onto a firestick using the ES explorer already loaded on your firestick (if you haven’t got it loaded, it’s free via the app store anyway)

        I’ve done it myself and I’m very happy with Kodi and the benefits.

  18. Jordan says:

    Can someone confirm the ease of use with external USB HD functions and KODI on new stock update? Any steps you have to do on KODI in order to view the USB drive? Also, what Amazon app can i use to play media from the external USB drive?

  19. JDair says:

    Can someone confirm the ease of use with external USB HD functions and KODI on new stock update? Any steps you have to do on KODI in order to view the USB drive? Also, what Amazon app can i use to play media from the external USB drive?

  20. Barry says:

    Where can i download the latest Fire TV firmware manually? thanks

  21. Barry says:

    where can i download the firmware? thanks

  22. Marcelo Celeste says:

    Yes… both options are ok.

  23. Chad says:

    Did extensive testing using a very standard usb 2.0 8 gig stick and successfully loaded 10 or so games and programs with no problem. It seemed like the load times may have been a little bit longer, but that might have just been psychological.

    When begging the transfer a message pops up to recommend a usb 3.0 for best results, which makes sense.

    Very impressed with the implementation so far. Was able to load albums off the usb via VLC and it worked like a charm.

    • hiavatch says:

      Thanks for the news, but the fireTv has just a USB 2.0 port, right? What would be the advantage of using a USB 3 device? My understanding is that USB 3 devices fall back to USB 2 speeds when using 2.0 ports.

  24. Hitcher says:

    My findings using the latest update (

    [*]Kodi still runs perfectly fine.
    [*]Kodi also runs fine from a USB stick.
    [*]Media stored on a USB stick plays fine using Kodi.

  25. jakepe says:

    anybody aware of if it is possible not only to move kodi to USB but also the Data ?
    it seems that all the Thumbnails still are stored on the Fire TV and not the USB ( and taking up a lot of space) even when Kodi is running from the USB ?

  26. hdmkv says:

    Still waiting for the update at my end. U.S. box and got mine when first released.

  27. Michan says:

    Hi everyone, I just received the update but when I click on the “Install System Update” it restarts the firetv into recovery mode and that’s it, I reboot the system but it hasn’t added or changed anything. I have rooted the device using the tutorials here and I’m running a custom rom
    fixed. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  28. Thrashman says:

    No update yet for me! Come on Amazon your killin me!

  29. DistantSurf says:

    You can download the .bin for Fire TV Box from the ROMs page on

  30. Evelyn says:

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  31. Rob says:

    Hi, so i was using my firestick last night an now this morning all of a sudden it wont switch over to the kodi screen so i can click on the kodi program, does anyone know whats going on ?

    • Niall says:

      Hi Rob,
      Amazon have changed their latest update to not allow you access Kodi through the home button on the fire stick. Up until last week, I had configured my firestick home button (using firestarter) to launch Kodi with 1 click and to go to the Amazon home page with 2 clicks.
      That facility is now gone as they hide firestarter processes.
      You can still go through either your recent button on home page or Settings/Applications/Manage installed applications/Kodi/Launch application

      There is talk of Amazon blocking access to Kodi also, so I’m currently researching how to stop amazon updates via the router. As soon as I’ve figured it out, I’ll let you know. Or maybe someone else knows already and is willing to share?


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