Amazon Fire TV Stick was the most popular item purchased during Prime Day 2022

Amazon always boasts about how successful Prime Day was after the big sale event ends, and this year was no different. Amazon says this year’s event was “the biggest Prime Day” ever with “more than 300 million items” purchased and more Amazon devices sold than any other Prime Day. What was different, however, was not mentioning the top-selling item in Amazon’s US press release, as has been the case most years. Thankfully, the UK press release does mention the top-selling item as the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick, so it’s probably safe to assume it was the top-selling item in the US and other regions as well.

The top-selling item during Prime Day last year was the Fire TV Stick 4K, both in the US and the UK. You might find it odd that the 4K model wouldn’t take the crown again this year, given that there are surely more 4K TVs in people’s homes this year than last year, but it all comes down to the device prices each year. Last year, the Fire TV Stick was on sale for $22.99 and the Fire TV Stick 4K was on sale for $24.99. I assume that most people cross-shopping the two devices last year made the right decision to pay the extra $2 for the better model. This year, however, with the Fire TV Stick on sale for $16.99 and the Fire TV Stick 4K disapointingly still on sale for $24.99, it was a much bigger leap in cost to choose the better device, resulting in more people opting for the cheaper model.

It’s a bit surprising that the Fire TV Stick Lite, which was on sale at the staggeringly low price of $11.99 in the US and equally low price in the UK, didn’t take the top spot. I guess people did value TV controls on the remote over saving an extra $5, as I hoped they would, which gave the regular Fire TV Stick the top spot this year. Similarly, the Amazon Echo Dot, which was on sale for a new record low of $19.99, also didn’t take the top spot as it did during Prime Day 2020.

  1. Davif says:

    That’s not something to brag about.

  2. Captain Streaming Daddy says:

    I gotta feeling there’s still a larger 720/1080 TV market than 4K sets in the UK. I have nada to back that hunch up.

    • I would guess that there are still more 720p/1080p TVs out there than 4K TVs in most markets, but I don’t think that’s the reason for the 1080p Stick selling the most, since the 4K Stick sold more than the 1080p Stick last Prime Day. I think it just comes down to which one is the better deal based on the sale price. Last year it was $2 extra (or about 9% more) to get the 4K Stick over the 1080p Stick and this year it was $8 extra (or about 47% more), so most people went with the upsell last year but didn’t this year.

  3. beefy says:

    Does not surprise me with people saving money and throwing an IPTV sub on them

  4. Mark says:

    Sorta kicking myself for not getting it for the remote. But, what would I have done with the stick? Just tossed it? Nah. Them thar are my reasons I didn’t.

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