Amazon Fire TV Stick to have 1Ghz Dual Core CPU

Noticeably absent from Amazon’s Fire TV Stick product page is the clock speed of the device’s processor. The Fire TV’s product page lists its CPU clock speed of 1.7Ghz, so it was strange that Amazon decided to omit the value from the Fire TV Stick page. A blog post on Amazon’s developer portal has revealed that the clock speed is set to 1Ghz.

In my comparison chart with the Fire TV, I suspected the CPU would be clocked at 1.2Ghz since that is the speed quoted in the spec sheet for the Fire TV Stick’s Broadcom Capri 28155 processor. 1.2Ghz is also the speed of the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus‘s CPU, which is equipped with the same processor as the Fire TV Stick. The decision to underclock the Fire TV Stick’s processor below its maximum capability was probably made in order to reduce heat production and power consumption. Being powered by a USB port limits the device’s available power, and enclosing so much horsepower in a fully sealed 1 inch by 3.3 inch box doesn’t leave much room for heat dissipation.

  1. Y314 says:

    So hopefully both things can be modded… Overclock the CPU & make some port holes for more ventilation on the casing of the FireTV Stick ??

    Maybe you’ll start seeing some on eBay with tiny ram heatsinks…

  2. jimberkas says:

    interesting. since amazon stated that this thing can’t be powered by the HDTV and must be powered by the wall plug, many are assuming we can’t use the USB port. This underclocking seems to indicate they are assuming people will power it via USB port. That’s cool, that was my intention anyway

  3. Edgar says:

    Think I read that it cannot be powered by an MHL slot. It has to be the power plug provided that connects through microusb that will power it.

  4. Jason says:

    As long as it runs XBMC well in happy

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