Amazon Fire TV Stick Teardown

The guys over at GTVHacker have popped open a Fire TV Stick and posted a series of teardown photos. They note that the Fire TV Stick contains no screws and is instead held together by a series of plastic clips along the edges. When tweeting about the teardown, GTVHacker included the hastag #FireTVStickRootIncoming. However, careful not to get your hopes up for several reasons. First, the GTVHacker guys tend to focus on rooting via hardware manipulation which involves taking the device apart and soldering leads to the memory chip. It’s not exactly an easy process. Second, the GTVHacker guys claimed to root the Fire TV via a similar hardware method, yet a group of guys over at XDA have been trying to replicate their method for 2 months with no luck. I, as much as anyone, hope they’ve actually succeeded in rooting the Fire TV Stick in any way possible, but I expect most people will not be able to replicate their process.

  1. nyder says:

    If you can’t replicate the rooting GTV does, I’m going to go as far to say they never did it to begin with. Just bullshit to make them seem like the elite hackers they want to be.

  2. Osc000 says:

    I been working on replacing GPU’s from laptop and video card and and I will replace the toshiba
    Toshiba THGBM5G6A2JBAIR 8 GB eMMC NAND flash witch it comes in the Fire TV I have
    With one I order Which is been preloaded with android kitty cat
    Is the same chip and same voltage
    I will let you know the results
    And if it works it will be a game changer
    Because I can order the same eMMC
    with more space 16gb 32gb 64gb

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