Amazon Fire TV Stick retakes the throne as the best selling product during Prime Day

As Amazon does every year, they’ve released some info highlighting how successful Prime Day was for them this year. Sales figures this Prime Day surpassed all other days in the past for Amazon, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and last year’s Prime Day. On top of it all was the Amazon Fire TV Stick as the single best selling product of the day. The Fire TV Stick reached this same achievement during Prime Day in 2016, but was dethroned during last year’s Prime Day by the Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon never reveals exactly how many units were sold but has said that “millions” of Fire TV devices were sold, with July 16th being “the best day ever for Fire TV devices.” Another Fire TV related milestone is that Prime Day’s sale on the Toshiba Fire TV Edition television made it “the best-selling TV deal in Amazon history.” Amazon says that they sold over six times as many Fire TV Edition televisions during this Prime Day as they did during last year’s record-setting Fire TV Edition sale on Prime Day.

  1. clocks says:

    I don’t see this as a good thing. I don’t want old, slow hardware holding back the types of apps developers want to make. Although I guess the Pendant isn’t much more powerful is it?

    • Bacon says:

      The pendant is a lot faster. I find the Fire Stick pretty much unusable for many apps. Sometimes I wonder if it being such a hot seller does more harm than good once people get home and find out it’s kind of a terrible experience for a streaming device.

      • clocks says:

        Agreed. I used the stick a ways back, but couldn’t fathom using it now. I am testing a pendant, and will likely sell my FTV2s. Last time I checked I could get about $80-$90 for them on ebay. I know they are faster than the pendant, but I have not noticed much difference. Selling 2-3 of my FTV2 can fund part of my purchases this week.

      • AFTVnews says:

        You have to remember that the vast majority of Stick buyers, especially the impulse buyers on Prime Day are probably never using anything other than Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube. For just that, the Stick is perfectly fine. That’s especially true if you’ve never used anything else, which is probably the case for many, since the Stick is many peoples first streaming device.

  2. Mike Gee says:

    I got 2, one for a gift and one for another room in my house..FS stream perfectly on my 1080P TV and High speed internet by spectrum cable.. also Kodi and Terrarium is a breeze, not surprised it’s the best seller. If you want 4k with hdr, you guys need to check out $179 invidia, not $40 stuff

  3. Erin says:

    The Stick didn’t have a Prime Day Deal last year (issues with remote production IIRC), so it wasn’t even in the race last year.

  4. Luthersman says:

    I grab the stick for on prime day to use on with my portable nebula capsule projector and I was suprised how good it worked. I have a shield tv at home, but the stick is a great little streamer

  5. Tampa8 says:

    The Stick (2nd generation) works well for what I use it for. I use the Slingbox app often and with little to no problems. I did use the TIVO app till they ended it for Fire TV. While a little clunky in design it too worked well. The various other video apps like HBO all seem to work quite well so I find the Stick an excellent value. I also have Kodi sideloaded and while it was slow on the first generation it’s find on this one. The Stick is easily portable and great for use in a room with a TV with no cable or even antenna connection.

  6. HeyRadar says:

    I still have unopened Fire Sticks that I got a the last sale, so didn’t buy one this time.

    Family just prefers to use the Rokus.

    Did buy more Dots and Blink cameras. Wished I grabbed the Fire HD 8 and Moto X4.

  7. cheryl jones says:

    I think the stick is just fine for streaming and the one game app–crossy road that i downloaded. The voice remote does a good job as well. The reason I don’t use the stick is that there is no prime banner on the videos in the left hand corner like on the rokus.

    I have 9 seasons of heartland free with prime but when i call it up no where does it give me the option of using prime. Wants me to buy from hallmark or other sources. So definitely not user friendly. I got it at thanksgiving sale and just set it up again on prime day to see if i wanted to gift any sticks and still the same problems.

    The people i know are not savvy so having the prime banner means a lot.

  8. Mark says:

    Meh. I have the stick in my office. I use it for work for information about markets, news and stuff. It is pitifully slow compared to my firetv and my pendent, which I adore. So, when my daughter asked if she could use a fire stick at college in her dorm, I snapped up the pendent for $35. I’ll use the new pendent in my office and I’ll give the office stick to my daughter. For Hulu, and Netflix and of course Prime offerings, the stick does a commendable job.

    • clocks says:

      I think the pendant at $35 is a great deal. Not the best streamer (that’s the Shield), but best bang for buck at that price.

      I’ve been comparing the Roku Stick vs the pendant, as they both were on sale for $35. I like the pendant way better, thought the power and volume on the Roku stick remote is nice.

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