Amazon Fire TV Stick on sale for £25 in the UK [Expired]

Amazon has temporarily dropped the price of the Fire TV Stick in the UK from £35 to £25. There is no indication how long this sale will last, but based on past Fire TV sales, I’d expect it to last between 3 to 7 days. It has been just over a month since Amazon began shipping the Fire TV Stick in the UK, so it’s a bit unexpected that the device is being put on sale already. In comparison, the Fire TV Stick has never gone on sale in the US and the Fire TV didn’t receive its first sale until 4 months after it was released.

The Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s fastest selling device ever in both the US and UK, so it’s not like its release overseas was a flop and they’re trying to clear out unwanted inventory. What’s more likely is Amazon overproduced Fire TV Stick’s for the UK release in order to avoid the same 4 month long backorder they experienced with the device’s US launch. Their over-calculated loss is your gain. Now’s your chance to grab a Fire TV Stick in the UK for less than the cost of a Chromecast.

  1. marmaliser says:

    The price reduction is due to Amazon price matching who have the Stick in their sale

  2. haroldtv says:

    does anyone think the firetv stick will go on sale again in the US……I should have grabbed a few dozen when I had the chance @ 25$

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