Amazon Fire TV Stick on sale at several retailers [Expired]


The Amazon Fire TV Stick has gone on sale at several different retailers this morning. Best Buy has it for $24.99, B&H has it for $26.99, Kmart has it for $24, and Staples has it for $29. No word on how long these sale prices will last, but word is some will be only for today. Usually when Best Buy puts the Fire TV on sale, it lasts a week, but this Fire TV Stick sale is not in their weekly ad, so it may actually be a one-day-only sale. Amazon has not lowered their price of the Fire TV Stick, but that could change later in the day.

  1. FNYC says:

    Any idea on the reason why the price is being lowered so soon after prime day? Could we be seeing the release/announcement of the FTS2 soon?

  2. Craig says:

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Clearing out inventory for Fire TV Stick V2.

  3. atoneapone says:

    So either buy this now to have more devices cheap or save up for an afts2. But v2 will probably be $50-60 on release and eventually come down to $40 by next year.

  4. Someone says:

    Deals are all over!

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