Amazon Fire TV Stick now includes new Alexa Voice Remote w/ Power & Volume controls for the same price of $39.99

Amazon has just updated the standard Fire TV Stick to now include the new Alexa Voice Remote, which has power and volume buttons for TV and home theater equipment control. The ncie thing is that they’re maintaining the same $39.99 retail price for the new bundle as they had for the old bundle with the old remote.

The new Alexa Voice Remote, which Amazon calls their 2nd generation voice remote even though there have been numerous versions of the previous voice remote, was introduced with the Fire TV Stick 4K. At that point, it was simultaneously also included with new orders of the Fire TV Cube. With today’s change, now all models in Amazon’s Fire TV lineup include the new improved remote, except the Fire TV Edition televisions, which have always had their own unique remotes with power and volume controls.

On its surface, the new Alexa Voice Remote may appear to have just gained power, volume, and mute buttons, compared to the old remote, but there is much more new functionality below the surface. The new Alexa Voice Remote has the exact same home theater universal remote capabilities as the Fire TV Cube’s built-in IR blasters. This means you can add your AV equipment, like a receiver, soundbar, cable box, and more and control them with your voice using nothing but the new remote. Just speak your request, like changing inputs, into the remote’s microphone and point it at your A/V equipment.

While the Fire TV Stick 4K is still a better buy at just $10 more, thanks to its superior performance, for those on a budget, the new Fire TV Stick bundle now provides fewer compromises. The Fire TV Stick is now the least expensive streaming device that includes power and volume controls on its remote. For those of you who purchased the old Fire TV Stick bundle during the holiday $24.99 sale, Amazon is discounting the new Alexa Voice Remote to just $14.99 for a short time. This essentially makes up for missing out on this new bundle because the two sale prices together equal the retail price of the new bundle, so you can buy the new remote on sale and still come out on top because you will now have the old remote to use as a backup or secondary remote/game controller. Pre-orders of the new Fire TV Stick bundle are available now in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, and India. They will be released on January 23.

  1. Bri says:

    No way would I buy this version anymore when you can have the 4K for $10 more as stated. It’s so much better it’s not even comparable.

  2. Wang Zhigang says:

    Agree. Have the 4K Fire Stick attached to 1080P TV. Replaced the 2nd GEN Fire Stick – better wi-fi connection, faster interface, and remote much better! The 2nd GEN Fire Stick remote (Wi-Fi direct version?) had issues – used the 1st gen non-voice remote. One the new remote, wish they had another button in top right that was programmable IR.

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