Amazon Fire TV Stick now fully functional in the UK & Germany

When the Amazon Fire TV Stick was first released in the US, none of Amazon’s services could be used from it overseas. Trying to stream content or download apps from the appstore while outside of the US resulted in error messages. In January that changed when US Fire TV Stick’s gained the ability to stream video content from Amazon’s German and UK video library. The Stick still couldn’t download apps but the new ability to access non-US content, along with the release of a German television app, lead me to speculate that the Fire TV Stick would soon be released overseas.

AFTVnews reader Steve in the UK just chimed in to let us know that the Fire TV Stick has now gained the ability to download apps from the UK Amazon appstore. Trying to do so would previously result in an error message. Apart from not having the option to change the device’s timezone, the Fire TV Stick is now fully functional in the UK, and likely Germany as well. Now that the Fire TV Stick is fully at home in the UK and Germany, the device’s international release is likely just around the corner.

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