Amazon Fire TV Stick now comes with new Bluetooth Alexa Voice Remote

If you purchase a new Amazon Fire TV Stick today, odds are it’ll come with a different remote than it would have if you purchased it a few months ago, even though the packaging and remote itself look exactly the same. Amazon has created a new remote for the Fire TV 3 and is now including it with the Fire TV Stick 2 as well.

You can read about the new remote in more detail here, but the important information is that it looks exactly the same as the old remote, which first debuted with the 2nd generation Fire TV, but it has all-new circuitry on the inside. The new remote connects to the Fire TV Stick via Bluetooth instead of WiFi-direct.

The two remotes function identically and if you didn’t look at the model number under the battery compartment of the remote, you likely wouldn’t be able to tell which remote you have. The new Bluetooth remote is model PE59CV, while the old WiFi-direct remote is model DR49WK. The only reason to want one remote over the other is if your environment has interference that is causing the remote to disconnect.

Thanks to Chris M. for letting me know that the new Fire TV Stick he ordered came with the new remote. There’s no guarantee that all Fire TV Stick orders will receive the new remote since there may still be older stock in the particular warehouse that ships your order. It’s likely that if you purchase a new voice remote from Amazon on its own, you’ll receive the new remote.

  1. Charlie says:

    I assume that remote will work with FTV1 and 2 also? Certainly, if it’s compatible with the stick, that will be the case.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yes, all remote versions work with all Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks, new or old. The only exception is the Fire TV Edition television and its remote.

      • abdurrahman says:

        i am a pakistany i have bought an amazon fire stick with alexa voice from a local online shopping.
        but i was not aware of that there is no service of amazon in Pakistan now when i plug the fire tv stick it show’s amazon logo then it searches for WiFi when i enter key it automatically searches for updates and then shows unable to update contact tell me can i use this(amazon fire stick with alexa voice remote) in pakistan if not please tell me the possible solution to use it in pakistan.

  2. Charlie says:

    It occurs to me, based on once owning a 2016 stick, if you don’t need 4K you might be just about as happy with the stick and an Ethernet cable and hub, as you would be with the FTV3, with the same extra gear, and save 30.00.

    The stick over AC wireless is already impressive enough, but Ethernet could make it pretty nice.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Even before the Fire TV 3 was released I’ve always said the Stick is probably good enough for most average people. If someone has a 1080p TV and just hops between a handful of basic apps to stream content, the only thing the Fire TV 2 or 3 would give them is a slightly faster interface.

      • Xiaolei says:

        Did your notice any major speed difference between fire tv 2 and 3? In terms of UI fluency, app open speed and video loading speed. Not a gamer. I have a 2nd version for my living room and thinking about getting another one for bedroom. I don’t want the stick because I’ve seen some YouTube videos demonstrating significant speed difference between stick and fire tv gen 2.

        • Charlie says:

          I”m pretty certain he indicated the FTV2 is faster. Before I bought a FTV3 I would buy another 2. I think you can get a new like refurb now.

  3. Xiaolei says:

    I just don’t get it why Amazon doesn’t want to have volume control on the remotes. Apple TV, MI Box, Nvidia Shield, Roku they all have it. It doesn’t seem like a hard thing to add. Neither the Flirc or sideclick is a good solution for me. Do you have any news or hint on whether and when Amazon will add it?

  4. Drake Griffin says:

    I was wondering why the battery arrangement changed on the remotes… they weren’t always matching (both positives facing up) were they? Thought it used to be the stardard configuration one postive paralellel to one negative.

    This is an outrage btw.

    • odoll says:

      Are there even different variants of v3 sticks (ARMv7 vs ARMv8)?
      I’m asking as I just helped a friend to bring Kodi 17.5.1 AMRv7 onto his stick. He told me that he installed the ARMv8 image to his other two, but I could do that on the one which he had with him (and that’s why he asked for my help).

  5. Carlos Mahns says:

    I was cheking for the bluetooth remote control PE59CV, but it is not available. How should I buy one?
    I own a fire tv an a fire tv stick and some times remote does not work. Thanks

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