Amazon Fire TV Stick may soon be released in Germany and the UK

When the Fire TV Stick was announced, Amazon made no mention of a European release even though the Fire TV has been a success in Germany and the UK. We always assumed the Fire TV Stick would eventually make its way overseas, but until a few days ago, there had been no indication of when that would happen. German tech blogger Arne Hess is reporting that the Fire TV Stick he has been using in Germany, which he imported from the United States, has begun displaying content from Amazon’s German website. Previously, using a Fire TV Stick with a non-American Amazon account would not allow access to Amazon’s video library. Hess says that changed this week and he can now browse and play content from Amazon’s German video library. He also says German specific apps are now present within the Fire TV Stick’s appstore, but trying to install them results in a message about using an incompatible device.

A few days before Amazon announced the release of the Fire TV in Germany and the UK, I was able to predict the announcement by noticing an uptick in new German Fire TV apps. This news about Amazon’s servers suddenly delivering content to non-American accounts on Fire TV Sticks is a pretty strong indicator that a European Fire TV Stick release is just around the corner.


A UK reader has chimed in to let us know that he is seeing the same new behavior with his Fire TV Stick in the UK. He says he can now play videos and browse apps, which he couldn’t do before.

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  1. Simon says:

    I’ve seen the same thing in Ireland. Can’t launch the content though as I don’t have a Prime subscription and I don’t think it would launch anyhow without some geo workaround.

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