Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is on sale for $24.99

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is on sale for $24.99, which is $5 off of its regular price of $29.99. This sale price is $7 higher than the lowest price that the all-new Fire TV Stick Lite has ever been. The main difference between the Fire TV Stick Lite and the 3rg-gen Fire TV Stick, which were both released at the same time, is the included remote. The Fire TV Stick Lite has a remote that includes a dedicated button for the Fire TV’s live channel guide, while the Fire TV Stick has a remote that includes power, volume, and mute buttons to control your TV and/or soundbar. To learn more about all the other differences between the 3 Fire TV Stick models in Amazon’s current lineup, see this article.

  1. Anthony Rossetti says:

    Are there any improvements with wifi over the 4k sticks?
    the 4k sticks are pure trash , i replaced all 3 of my 1st gen sticks with the 4k sticks when they 1st came out and they have MAJOR WIFI connectivity problems

    I RMA’d 2 out of the 3 4k sticks i have and the 2 they sent me back for the RMA have the same exact problems, 5 sticks and they all constantly drop wifi and have to be rebooted constantly
    the wifi adapter in the 4k sticks stops working all the time , can’t get the home menu, won’t connect to any networks ,even if i turn my phone hotspot on to test it right next to the stick it won’t connect
    once it drops the wifi (which it does every 10 min) it won’t reconnect to any networks until after a reboot
    all networks have full signal strength but it says it can’t reconnect to them
    i try connecting my 1st gen sticks up to the same 3 TV’s in the same 3 locations , same distance from the router and not a single problems other than being slow, the old sticks never drop the wifi,

    I go back to the 4k sticks and wifi drops every 10 min , every time and will not reconnect to any network without a reboot,

    I hope they improved the wifi adapter or WIFI antenna or the FW or whatever causes the issues with these new sticks because with the 4k sticks they are totally unusable without a wired connection

    I might just give these a shot because the 4k sticks suck so bad and are completely unreliable and unuseable, also the CEC just stopped working on one of them for no reason ,i didn’t adjust any settings on the TV or the stick but now CEC no longer works not sure if got an update that broke it ,i will check it later

    maybe someday Amazon will be able to correct the issues with the WIFI on the garbage 4k sticks through a FW update but i am not holding my breath

    • hdmkv says:

      The 4K Sticks actually have excellent wi-fi. I consistently get 300+ Mbps.

      • Anthony Rossetti says:

        i have no problem with the speeds , yes the speed is fine
        when it works
        the problem is that there is a bug that causes them to constantly drop
        the connection even where there is 100% signal strength and then they will no longer connect to any network anymore even if 100% signal strength , both bands from my router show 100% and it will not reconnect to either after it drops i turn on my phones hotspot and it will not connect to that either , once it drops it can not connect to anything until i reboot the stick,
        it happens in 3 different rooms, 3 different TV’s , with 5 different 4k sticks (original 3 sticks and 2 RMA sticks)
        it happens constantly
        does not happen at all with gen 1 sticks which i still have when i connect them to the same TV’s in the same locations
        the 4k sticks are unuseable

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