Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition is now available to purchase in Mexico and Brazil

The Basic Edition of the 2nd generation Fire TV Stick is now available to purchase in Mexico on and in Brazil on In Mexico, the global Fire TV Stick is priced $1,299.00 MXN (~$70 USD) and in Brazil it is $289,00 BRL (~$89 USD). Customers in Mexico can receive $300 MXN (~$16 USD) off the purchase price if they subscribe to Amazon Prime, while Brazilian customers can choose to pay in up to 12 installments.

  1. eoga says:

    Is there a way to know if there is any difference between this firestick and the first firestick? I have one and tried to use in Mexico but i couldnt. I contacted amazon support in Mexico and they told me that is not possible to use any other device but the basic edition that is being sell in Mexico so even it seems that even when firestick is now supported in Mexico I cannot use mine as somehow is not the basic edition.

  2. H.E.C. says:

    I have a bit related question. I’ve been using the multiply FTV devices (Stick 1 and TV1 + TV2) for a while now (purchased at Amazon UK and DE) not using the Prime. My main Amazon account is registered in UK but I’ve also sometimes switch to US. I’ve now started using the Amazon Prime Video for countries outside of the full Prime and have the following problem. While I can watch the Movies and TV Series fine in my country / region with the new Prime Video sub on other devices (PC, TV or PS3 / PS4 and tablets) and all my “old” FTV devices whatever I try to do it shows all video content in $ and any prime content will show LICENSE_ERROR while try to watch as it’s US based Prime content rather the one related to my location. In another words I’m unable to see the Prime content related to my location on those. Just want to mention that I’m not on the latest FWs on any of those devices – could that be the cause? ( on FTV2 and 5.0.5 on FTVS as I plan to root all of them prior upgrading). Or there a way at all or some “trick” to make FTV devices purchased prior the Prime Video world wide release to see the correct content? Thank you.

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