Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Appstore launch in India

The Amazon Fire TV Stick has just launched in India, making it the 5th country where a Fire TV device is officially sold. The Fire TV Stick is priced at ₹3,999, which is about $62. Although it comes with a voice remote for basic voice searching, not surprisingly, Alexa is not available in India yet. It took Alexa over a year to make it to the UK and Germany after first appearing on US Fire TV devices. I wouldn’t expect Alexa to take that long to be made available on Fire TVs in India, but the voice assistant is not present at launch. Notably, the Fire TV set-top box is not being made available in India. I see this as a very good sign that a new 3rd-generation Fire TV, in addition to the “AFTN” device I discovered, is in the works.

If a new Fire TV 3 is planned to be released later this year, as I suspect, it wouldn’t make sense to launch the existing Fire TV 2 in India now and replace it in a few months. Some may interpret this as a sign that Amazon is giving up on the high-end set-top box market, but I absolutely don’t believe that to be the case.

In addition to the Fire TV Stick making its debut in India, the Amazon appstore itself has been launched, to a limited degree, in the country for the first time. A separate Amazon appstore that is specific to India did not exist before today. While mobile in India are still directed to use the US Amazon appstore, an India specific appstore has launched with just Fire TV apps.

The app selection on the Fire TV Stick in India is much more limited than in any other country because paid apps and apps with in-app purchasing are not yet supported in the Indian Amazon appstore. Although my Downloader app is 100% free, it does have in-app purchasing enabled to accept donations, so my Downloader app is not yet allowed in India. I’ll try to find out when apps with in-app purchasing will be allowed on Indian Fire TVs. If it seems like something that won’t be available for a while, I’ll release a version of my Downloader app in India with the donation buttons removed.

  1. Raj says:

    I am from India and I have a Fire TV (first Gen) which was bought from UK. I got the new software update yesterday evening and after installation I am finally able to access Amazon Prime Video. Also I was able to download your Downloader app directly from my Fire TV itself.

    • Gopichand Pai says:

      You moved your Amazon UK account to amazon India account using Manage your content and devices section on Amazon UK account?

      • Raj says:

        I use the same Amazon account everywhere (US, UK and India). Immediately after the software update (the one with the new UI) Amazon India Prime Videos showed up by itself (I didn’t change any settings at all). Before the update the UI was showing UK Prime videos but I was never able to play anything (I was using the Fire TV for Kodi and Netflix only)

        I think it loads Prime video based on where you are located. So if I move to UK with my FireTV it would show UK Prime video content. (But unlike Netflix I believe my Amazon India Prime membership may not work outside India)

  2. X says:

    Is there a reason I was not able to find Downloader by AFTVnews when signed into my AMZN IN account versus my AMZN US account?

    Even though I had Downloader installed on FireStick from before when I signed in using AMZN IN account I could not use Downloader as it said it was not owned.

    Please publish on AMZN IN store also. Some of us are Bi Coastal people :)

  3. X says:

    So, noticed the reason why you did so. India is a price sensitive market so you should not wait and bother. Once that’s fixed you can try but for now dont. Also there are payment policing rules & constraints and protections that may not make it easy.

    Compare to all the above Western Nations of a higher Dollar value per user, BR & IN are Amazon’s “high volume” potential markets; so per user revenue may be lower overall due to them not being 1st world currency nations but it also means a lot of costs can be lower as well and volumes may become higher once AMZN dominates.

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