Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K receives first software update since launch with audio fixes and improved DVR options

A new software update is currently rolling out for the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. This is the first updated the new streamer has received since it launched a month and a half ago. The update brings the operating system up to version, which is the same version that the Fire TV Cube recently received, but the Fire TV Stick 4K has a slightly different build value of NS6258/1604. Amazon has not yet said anything about this update, but several customers are reporting that it has fixed an audio dropout issue that they were experiencing with the Fire TV Stick 4K. The update also modifies the Fire TV Recast menus slightly to make it easier to manage DVR settings and recorded content.

I must (embarrassingly) confess that, before this update, I wasn’t aware that there was an audio dropout issue with the Fire TV Stick 4K. I’ve been using it exclusively as my main streaming device since it was released and have not experienced any audio issues myself. Even if an issue doesn’t affect me, I’ll usually at least be aware of it, but this one completely slipped past me.

That said, customers with the Fire TV Stick 4K have been experiencing occasional audio dropouts, while streaming media, ever since the device launched. Those affected say that sound cuts off for a second or two about every 10 minutes. It seems as though this update fixes the issue for most people who were affected, but there are still a few that say the issue hasn’t completely gone away with this update.

The only other changes that I’ve noticed with this update are minor improvements to the DVR section of the Fire TV Stick 4K that deals with Fire TV Recast settings and content. The default recording options for the Recast have now been pulled out into their own menu, which makes them a little easier to find under Settings > Live TV > Sources > Fire TV Recast.

This latest update also adds a few more ways to get to recording options for individual shows. Most notably, you can now cancel a recording or get to recording options on the DVR Priority screen. This screen lists all of your scheduled recordings in a flat list, so it now serves as a nice place to quickly find, adjust, and/or cancel recordings. Amazon has added a few other places where you can now press the menu button on the remote to jump to recording options, such as the My Recordings screen where you can now delete all recordings for a series with a single click.

Be sure to mention any other changes or additions with this latest software update in the comments below.

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  1. Michelle says:

    For me, the audio drop out was more than 1 or 2 seconds. While watching Hulu the audio would often drop out completely about 30 minutes into a video. The only way to restore it would be to back out of the video and then resume.

    I have not encountered this problem since the update.

  2. Roger says:

    They also fixed the broken mpeg processing which had caused the HDHomerun app to fail on some channels.

    Good news for those of us who hope Amazon will allow bypassing compression between the Recast and FireTV sticks.

    • Slugworth says:

      Thanks for pointing this out. I was having the MPEG issue with HDHomerun as well and was worried that it wouldn’t get attention with the Recast coming out.

  3. Chris Hegglund says:

    Anybody have any issues with their remote not working? Wondering if the update will fix this, too. Thanks.

    • Eric says:

      Yes! Replacement stick on the way.

    • Phillipe says:

      The Home button on my remote no longer works. I don’t believe it’s an issue with the remote because when I hit the Home button in the Fire TV app it does nothing as well.

    • Dely says:

      Yes. I noticed that on my remote. Even if you change the battery

    • Cynthia Culverhouse says:

      Yes… mine stopped a couple of times… I checked the batteries to make sure that they were seated properly.

    • Davev says:

      Amazon Fire remotes are notorious for becoming defective out of nowhere. I needed mine replaced and they sent a new one and they did not even ask me to return the old one. Whether they will publicly acknowledge it or not they know there is a problem. Contact Amazon and I bet they will send a new one no questions asked.

  4. Paul W says:

    I have always had an issue with the audio being in sync with the video. When people talk there is a split second delay. This has happened many times on all my fire tv devices. A reboot has always fixed the issue. Looking back, it’s mainly been with prime video not Netflix, bbc iplayer etc.

    • Paul W says:

      Edit; I have always had an issue with the audio NOT being in sync with the video. When people talk there is a split second delay. This has happened many times on all my fire tv devices. A reboot has always fixed the issue. Looking back, it’s mainly been with prime video not Netflix, bbc iplayer etc.

  5. Kevin Phillips says:

    I’ve all of a sudden had slight issue with audio sync , but also with closed caption out of sync.

  6. tech3475 says:

    I know I’m asking this in a topic about problems, but is the FS4K in general a worthwhile upgrade over the FS2?

    I’m mainly looking at occasional use for streaming and local/usb media playback.

    • Dan says:

      I got the 4k on sale for $35 and the fact that the remote now controls my on and off and volume functions on my television for me it was worth the upgrade.

      • Sean Brown says:

        My volume or power button has never worked on mine

        • John Becker says:

          Make sure CEC is enabled. I noticed that after Amazon had forced a REMOTE CONTROL Firmware Update, those buttons stopped working on my remote control. I eventually located the source of the problem to be that CEC control had been switch off. The stick has to send CEC commands to your TV telling the TV to mute, raise / lower volume, & power on/off – which doesn’t happen when that setting = off. As to why their firmware appears to have switched the setting, Amazon has yet to provide and explanation. & if for some reason my suggestion doesn’t work for you, perform a factory reset & while your redoing the initial setup this time. make sure that at the point where those buttons are tested, don’t confirm they’re working unless they actually. That part of the setup is shown at (URL will start at 284 secs to save you from having to waste time watching the rest of it.)

          • Michelle says:

            I don’t think it uses CEC for power and volume.

            My Fire Stick is powered from the USB port and completely lacks power when the television is turned off– yet I’m able to turn the TV on by pressing the Fire TV remote’s power button.

            If it was using CEC the power button would only work when the Fire Stick had power.

        • Frank Nitty says:

          You have to program your remote to your specific TV brand under “Settings” in the Display/Audio sub-menu.

      • Cynthia Culverhouse says:

        I got mine on the plan… and I love the added functions too… I am waiting for a case that fits… I don’t like this skin I purchased. I have a silicone case for my fire stick 2nd Gen.

    • Michelle says:

      We own 4 different versions of Fire TV streaming devices and the 4k is the best,yet. It’s faster, more responsive, and unlike the FTV Stick Gen1&2, can be controlled by the Fire remote app even when not connected to the same network. f

      The on/off and volume buttons are great, too.

      I normally leave my cellphone on cellular data all the time and it’s nice to be able to use the remote app without having to turn on Wi-Fi and connect to our home network. This also works with the FTV3.

      The FTV3 and FTV4k will also work with Wi-Fi Direct connections if you use an app like PdaNet+. This is important when we stay in hotels that only allow one or two Wi-Fi connections. I put my phone in airplane mode, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the hotel, then turn on PdaNet+ Wi-Fi Direct hotspot and connect my laptop, Fire Stick, tablet, etc., using Wi-Fi Direct. My phone basically acts as a router, that way, and all my devices look like one connection to the hotel’s network.

      This also works on cruise ships.

  7. HLato says:

    I have yet to experience any issues at all with my brand new fire TV 4k stick.I am very happy with this investment to date!

  8. Dan says:

    I was pleased to see the update but it still did not fix the issue I have with the audio and video not being in sync. Let me just State this is only on the Amazon prime app not on Netflix or Hulu or anything else.

    • Ryan says:

      I used to have this issue also – Nothing I could do would get rid of it. I finally changed the sound bar to a new one and the issue went away so it was that and not the fire stick after all. Was super annoying to me, and was also only seemingly on Prime.

      • Dan says:

        It doesn’t happen with mine in the apps except the Amazon app. so I’m glad yours was fixed but in my case I think it is actually the device.

        • Ryan says:

          Mine was only on Prime shows too, it was driving me nuts and I adjusted everything to no avail. Even moved from a gen 1 to a gen 2 stick and had the same issue. Switching to new sound bar fixed it for me which was extremely surprising to say the least. Why would it be off only on Prime?!

          • Dan says:

            Don’t know why it would only be on the Amazon apl. Also I’m not using a sound d bar but I am using Bluetooth headphones. I’ll have to check it out with the native volume on the TV and see if it makes a difference. That would be the closest test to what you did.

  9. David Entrekin says:

    My is doing great

  10. Ian Bray says:

    Getting this update on fire stick 2

  11. Tony C says:

    I haven’t had any issues with the sound. The issue I’ve had is the “now playing cards that show current tv” disappearing from the home screen. I can still get to the on air TV “cards” via the DVR menu… Also when I awaken the stick from sleep, it often says that the stick is not connected to the recast… but that’s fixable by restarting the stick. Other than those things it’s been a great device especially going from an old OTA dVR with a menu system circa Apple 1980 to the modern dvr menu system.


    Am I the only person who has a problem with my 4k movies playing on movies anywhere app on my OLED but it plays 4k on my tcl and Samsung?

  13. Charlie says:

    I’m thinking this is not the first update for the Stick 4K. I bought a pre-order and I’m fairly certain I got an update not too long after release. My memory is not infallible though. My two updated this past Thursday to this version, a rare occasion to get a fireTV devices updated when I wasn’t paying attention.

  14. Tango says:

    I fixed all my issues with the 4k stick by returning it for a refund!

  15. Tony Ramirez says:

    I was having audio dropouts too. Too think I bought a new optical cable and hdmi cable for nothing as it still was dropping out.

    After the software update I received the other day no audio dropouts.

  16. Jerk says:

    Too, having sync issue with Prime video content. I will check if update is already installed and if issue is fixed.

  17. Ronnie says:

    My fire stick only outputs 1080p even with 4k content even though I have a 4K tv only with Kodi I can force 2160p output in settings is set to 4K auto….

    • Roger says:

      It takes my FireTV 4K a little while to get to maximum resolution. Probably dependent on how fast your internet is and whether you are hard wired or using wifi. My experience is that with that particular device, wifi was faster.

  18. Martin says:

    I can’t get dolby atmos on mine, amazon support are clueless

  19. Chris says:

    I have never had audio sync issues when watching a movie on a Blu-ray disc. Just saying…

  20. Ryan says:

    I had the audio issues very badly on both my Fire Sticks. One was connected to a TV and soundbar, the other was connected to my receiver and then ARC to the TV. Both had audio dropouts.

    As of last night they seem to have gone away!

    Side note, how the heck does one report issues like this when you have them to Amazon? I have no idea how to get feedback like this so I am glad others had the issue and it got the attention it needed to be fixed but I’d love to be able to submit feedback myself.

  21. Cynthia Culverhouse says:

    So.. I thought it was my Internet connection. Watching Hulu I would gave to pause back out and then resume. The Austin sync was off too. Does the 4K update on it’s own?

  22. Vic says:

    Will Spectrum now work on FireTv as amazon said it would after update?

  23. Ryan says:

    On top of the audio issues I had video freezes. Audio would be going along fine but video frozen. If I clicked the remote back 10 seconds I would jump to 10 seconds before the freeze, even if I had let the show play for a minute or two. This did not happen last night. Happened before on Prime and Netflix for sure for me. This was only at 1080 playback too.

  24. Michael says:

    @AFTV: kind of strange my fire TV stick 4k relieved the update December 8th. You’re kind of behind aren’t ya?

  25. BlingBlang says:

    Get a atsc tv tuner for pc and use NextPVR and kodi for the same thing for much cheaper.

  26. Jim Carter says:

    I never experienced any issues, audio or otherwise.

  27. Dean Lambert says: Firestick 2nd Gen is out in the UK.

    Dynamic Range Setting seems to be the only change I can see at the moment

  28. Michael A Morris says:

    Fire stick 4k works good I like how it works on my sound bar and TV together

  29. Richard says:

    Just setting up my fire tv stick 4k and its saying unable to update does anyone know how this can be sorted

  30. When will Amazon update the tab where you can select the number of recording from the minimum of five down to one. (going to default recording options, then select “keep at most”). Keeping as many as five at a minimum fills up the hard drive very quickly,even though I have the one TB model. For example for a news hound like me, recording five networks newscasts daily, plus 60 minutes, Fills up the hard drive in a week! I am sure I am not alone…

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