Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is on sale for $29.99 for Prime Day — As low as $4.99 for select customers

Get this Fire TV Stick 4K Deal

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is on sale for $29.99 for Prime day. At $20 off of the regular price of $49.99, this sale is just $5 shy of the lowest price that the 4K Firestick has ever been. Very surprisingly, select customers who qualify for the long-running upgrade promotion using promo code 4KFIRETV can get an additional $25.00 off, bringing the price down to just $4.99. The two deals working together might be a mistake, so if you qualify for the promo code and $4.99 price, do not hesitate to order because the code may soon be disabled. The Fire TV Stick is the best performing budget-friendly Fire TV device, thanks to its 1.5GB of RAM, as opposed to the 1GB of RAM in the 1080p Fire TV Stick models. Even if you don’t have a 4K TV, it’s beneficial to get the Fire TV Stick 4K over the regular Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick Lite for the extra performance. The Fire TV Stick 4K supports 2160p video at 60fps, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, and Dolby Atmos. It comes with the latest and best Alexa Voice Remote which can control your TV, soundbar, and AV receiver. The only step above the Fire TV Stick 4K is the Fire TV Cube which is also on sale for $79.99, a savings of $40 off of its regular price of $119.99.

  1. Um…I think I broke Amazon.

  2. I used the Coupon and the 4K Fire Stick cost me 4.99

  3. BirdOPrey5 says:

    Was able to use the coupon even when ordering it as a gift since not sure exactly how I will use it yet, but for $5, sure.

  4. Charlie_ says:

    Welp, that’s one way to keep me in the Amazon ecosystem. Haha.

    Signed up for a 1 week trial of Prime for $1.99, bought the Fire TV Stick 4K for $5.34 shipped, chose no-rush shipping for a $1 digital credit and I get a free Twitch subscription.

    Happy Prime Day to all :P

  5. hdmkv says:

    You lucky people. The 4KFIRETV code has never worked for my wife’s nor my a/c. Ah well.

  6. Asha says:

    Thanks Elias!

  7. Jack says:

    Genius -> Elias

  8. TechyChris says:

    Code no longer works for me, was working yesterday but I waited!!!!, just tried it, no longer valid.

  9. TechyChris says:

    The GOOD NEWS…
    Using a combo of codes and credit and a trade in I just snagged my first Fire TV Cube 2 for $42.87!!!!!!(including TAX!!!!)

    Now the NOT SO GOOD NEWs…
    I had 2 old Fire TV 1’s Looks like Amazon will only allow 1 trade in on Prime Day, Tried to order 2 cubes with 2 trade ins, was told I reached my limit.

    Tried to place a separate order for just 1 new Cube with 1 trade in, same response only 1 total trade in allowed for the 79.99 Prime Day Price. I was redirected to the standard trade in page, they want to offer me $1 whole dollar for my second Fire TV Gen 1, what’s the point of shipping something for that? Ummm no thanks, I’ll keep it for emergencies!!!!

  10. Anthony Rossetti says:

    damn it i missed out because the way it applied the code was different than in the screenshots
    i put the code in and it accepted it but it did not automatically apply the -$25 (not shown in the order summary)
    there was a check box that said “apply your $25 promotional balance”
    but i didn’t check it because i did the whole foods spend $10 get $10 for prime day promotion and i assumed that the “$25 promotional balance” was the $10 from the whole foods promotion and that i had another $15 promotional credit for something else so i didn’t tick the box
    and there was no -$25 off for the 4kfire tv promo in the order summary so i went back and deleted the item from my cart thinking it was not working
    i went and added it back but the option to apply the $25 promotion credit was gone
    then i thought well where is my $10 from the whole foods promotion because i don’t see any promotional credits in my account

    i didn’t realize that i had to go into the wholefoods app under account and sign in and hit an apply button to make the credit go onto my Amazon account , i have done this same whole foods promotion for the last 2 or 3 prime days at least and it never worked like that ,the credit was just automatically applied

    after i got the $10 promotional credit added by going into the whole foods app and clicking apply credit i realized that it was not part of the $25 promotional credit i was seeing before, that is when i tried to go back get the fire stick deal but then the code would not work and just says invalid

    i did it through the android app initially when it was accepted and saw the tick box to use the $25 promotional credit
    so if you apply this code and see a tick box for applying a $25 promotional credit make sure you tick it because once it accepts the code you only have like 15 or 20 minutes to check out and use it and you can never re enter even if you never check out and complete the purchase it still burns the code

    the discount is not automatically applied you have to check the box to use the credit nad you only get one shot

  11. Ian says:

    Code didn’t work for me, but I was able to upgrade my Cube for $60. I have to trade in my 1st gen cube though. I wanted to trade my Fire TV box as the option was there Monday but wasn’t today.

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