Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 video review by Lon Seidman

If you’re a frequent visitor of AFTVnews, you’ll probably know that reviews are not a big part of this site, so I won’t be reviewing the Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 in the traditional sense. I would much rather pickup where most reviewers leave off and tell you about the finer ins and outs of the Fire TV Stick 2. For those of you who want a traditional review, I highly recommend watching Lon Seidman’s video review above. He’s a fan of AFTVnews, as is evident by the completely unsolicited plug he gives me in his review, and I’m a big fan of his. It was actually his review of the original Fire TV which convinced me to buy the device, which then lead to the creation of AFTVnews. A fun fact is that the Fire TV he reviewed is the exact one I purchased because he often sells the products he reviews.

Lon reviews many streaming media products, like the Mi Box, as well as pretty much all of Amazon’s hardware. I highly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel if you like watching honest, well produced gadget reviews that go a bit more in depth than your average tech reviewer.

  1. clocks says:

    I watched it video earlier tonight, and laughed when he mentioned you Elias. :-)

  2. Pong Master says:

    Any chance he is selling his Lazar Tag hat, Super Mario/Duck Hunt NES game, colecovision…

  3. JediRasta says:

    Watched before and I also :-) when he mentioned you…

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