Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 includes the same voice remote as before


Amazon has named the voice remote that ships with the new Fire TV Stick 2 an “Alexa Voice Remote.” The inclusion of the word “Alexa” raised questions on whether the remote was a new model or the same voice remote that comes with the Fire TV 2, since Amazon never used the word “Alexa” to describe the existing voice remote. It seems all but certain that it’s not a new remote because Amazon just updated the existing voice remote’s product page and added “Alexa” to the products name.

In contrast, when Amazon did release a new voice remote model last year, they gave it its own product page instead of updating the older models listing. As for which version of the existing voice remote is included with the Fire TV Stick 2, my money is on the hard plastic version, as opposed to the soft-touch plastic remote, because the images used show non-glossy buttons and a black Amazon logo. The slightly more premium soft-touch plastic remote has glossy buttons and a grey Amazon logo.

  1. Shawn says:

    Can I pair the newest Amazon game controller w/ Fire Stick 2 and existing AFTV2 and have both units use? I ask, because the apparently junky remote the FS2 comes with, if it has not been altered from previous generation, will no doubt break…just read the reviews. How. Oils Amazon launch a new Fire Stick without addressing these quality control issues?!! Hmmmm….$39.99??

  2. Ken says:

    Can Kodi be loaded on the new Fire Stick?

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