Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 is notably bigger than the previous generation


The new Fire TV Stick 2 may look exactly like the previous generation Fire TV Stick, but the new model is notably larger. It probably won’t matter to most, but for those of you who already have a hard time fitting the current Fire TV Stick between other HDMI connectors, know that it will be even more difficult with the new model. Thankfully though, the new Fire TV Stick 2 includes an HDMI extender cable, like was included with the non-voice Fire TV Stick; not the female HDMI adapter that was included with the Fire TV Stick with Voice remote bundle which required an HDMI cable to be used.

The voice remote that comes with the new Fire TV Stick 2 appears to be exactly the same as the existing WiFi-direct based voice remote that comes with the Fire TV 2. The dimensions are identical and the images Amazon is using are pixel-for-pixel identical to the existing voice remote images. The fact that there hasn’t been an FCC submission for a new voice remote is also a good indicator that they’re using the same one. As for whether the included voice remote is the more expensive soft-touch plastic variety or the cheaper hard plastic type, I would guess it’s the cheaper one since the buttons don’t appear to be shiny.

  1. clocks says:

    I was a bit surprised it was using 28nm manufacturing. I knew 14/16nm was probably too much to hope for, but didn’t think 20nm was out of the question.

  2. AFTVnews says:

    I should have mentioned that the image above is to scale as far as the relative size of the Fire TV Stick 1 (front) and Fire TV Stick 2 (back).

  3. Tony Ramirez says:

    What is the size in millimeters not stupid inches?

  4. Gareth Price says:

    Larger size to combat the heat problem the current stick suffers from?

    Interesting to see if it still has the 3 pieces of blue rubber inside, which some folks claim cause the problem (and remove ), and others, like myself, believe are there to transfer the heat away from the components (and hence why the casing gets so hot)

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