Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 has been Rooted for the first time

The 2nd-generation Fire TV Stick, which is the current model that is being sold by Amazon, has been rooted. As expected, the MediaTek CPU exploit that was used to root the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet and then used to root the Amazon Fire 7 tablet has now been used to root one of the three Fire TV models that use a MediaTek CPU.

The rooting instructions have been posted by user k4y0z on the XDA forums, who is the same person that posted the Fire 7 tablet rooting procedure. The rooting method involves using a Linux PC to run a script that unlocks the Fire TV Stick 2’s bootloader, installs TWRP custom recovery, and roots the device. In order for the Fire TV Stick to accept the rooting script, its bootrom must be put into download mode by shorting two points on the device’s circuit board.

This means that you must take apart the Fire TV Stick 2 in order to root it. This is a very simple process, since the outer black plastic housing is held together only by plastic clips. Once inside, you’ll also need to pry off the metal shield to get to the points that must be connected. With the two points on the circuit board connected, you need to plug power into the Fire TV Stick and wait to see if the bootrom is detected by the rooting script.

After the first script runs, the Fire TV Stick will have an unlocked bootloader, which means that you can now use fastboot to flash TWRP custom recovery. A second script is provided that does just that. When you’re done, you’ll have a Fire TV stick 2 that is rooted, which means you have free reign to make any OS changes that you want. It will also have TWRP custom recovery, which means you’ll be able to flash custom ROMs, which do not yet exist, and it will have an unlocked bootloader, which means you should be able to unbrick the device, should you royally mess something up.

  1. Narvaez says:

    Sir i have a serious problem with my Firestick 4k. I experimented to sideload google play services on my FS 4k and it installed successfully. But when i restart my device it bootloops on and on to Firestick logo. Any solution sir? Damn i must have not do that. Please sir help me. I think i must do a hard reset to make it work again. But i don’t know how? Pls any solution. tnx

      • Narvaez says:

        Thank you for the link. But my Firestick 4k problem is bootloop, the firestick logo will appear then it will load for a few seconds then will return to Firestick logo again. It did not reaches the configuration menu, so i cant operate my device.

        • Skippy Roman says:

          Is it possible you don’t have a high enough amperage power supply? I ran my FS4 off of a non-factory power supply and that’s what it did. Good luck.

          • Narvaez says:

            My FS 4K bootloops not restarting and i use the original power brick supplied in the box. It started to mess up when i installed the GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES. I think i must hard reset the FS in order to work again. But how?

        • JackNutz says:

          Try going to Applications – select Kodi – delete cache.

        • Kristi says:

          Yeah, I’ve ran into this problem before and it was a power issue. Try replacing your power adapter, it worked for me. Good luck!

          • Narvaez says:

            It has nothing to do with the power brick. It starts to mess up when i installed the Google Play Services. I wish i could go to RECOVERY MODE, so i can factory reset the device. But i don’t know how to do it, as the firestick have no physical button to go to RECOVERY MODE.

        • Juan says:

          It has no solution, the only one is to call customer service and ask for a renvolso, my step in 5 fire stick and they have not been able to solve me

    • Andoo says:

      It’s less than a year old.. Have Amazon warranty replace it.

    • Marc says:

      This has worked on the first and second gen firestick but i haven’t tried it on the 4k firestick. Using the circle and the rewind button, press and Hold the Left circle and rewind button at the same time and hold it down for atleast 30 sec until it factory resets. Do all this during the bootloop.
      Hopefully this works, Goodluck!

    • Josh says:

      Change the power source. Ex: don’t plug it into your TV’s USB, use an outlet from the wall.

    • Mari says:

      When you mess with the system it may have disconnected the link between remote and stick.
      Download fire TV remote on a phone or tablet. That my connect where you can select buttons. It’s worth a try.

  2. Jorgen says:

    Hi Elias,
    This is probably a newbie question. But what benefits would I get from rooting my fire stick or Fire tablet? I can sense a lot of excitement that they can now be rooted. But before I do it I wanted to make sure I understand what the benefits would be. Thank you in advance for explaining.

  3. Grant says:

    Having a rooted device is a geeky thing, but does come with some advantages. For example, Amazon restricts some software, perhaps because of conflicting business goals; some users believe Amz will restrict KODI some day. Rooting would remove these concerns and limitations.
    I have 2 ftvs v1’s , one of which is controlled by Amz that is mostly unusable because of planned obsolescence. The stock I control is still quick and responsive because it rejects some updates.

    • Jason says:

      Lol, it’s slow because you’ve glommed it up with bullshit. Factory restore it and it won’t be any slower than it was the day you bought it.

    • Garysb007 says:

      Imagine a firestick that doesn’t waste RAM and Chip power with needless apps that you couldn’t remove before. Like a runner with a heavy backpak suddenly able throw the excess weight off…now he can run faster and focus on what he wants to do…

  4. Erik Severino says:

    It can only be done on a Linux machine?

    • Manabi says:

      It can only be done from the Linux OS currently, but you can also use a live CD/DVD version of Linux to do this. Those are bootable and run a version of Linux entirely off the optical disc, so nothing is installed to the hard drive. Just download an ISO, burn it to disc, put the disc in the optical drive, make sure the BIOS is set to boot from optical disc first, and boot it up.

      If you don’t have an optical drive, it can also be done with a USB flash drive. I haven’t done this personally, so I can’t offer much guidance, but I know it’s possible.

  5. Jack H says:

    Soooo are there apps that Amazon currently doesn’t allow that this makes worth doing? I’m out of the loop — I just know Amazon and Google don’t get along all the time.

  6. Frank Nitty says:

    Oh goody, wonderful news

  7. Robert Crowell says:

    Mine heats up and knocks it of line, very frustrating, so I put it in the Fridge for a while, then it’s fine, I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of it, Thanks for any input you can give me

  8. karen Bell says:

    Got the firestick and it is TERRIBLE
    Got Roku and it is TERRIBLE

    Now I have Apple TV and it is TERRIBLE
    Why why why ?????

    • Thomas says:

      Make your own htpc, install Kodi, set it up how you want. If it’s terrible then at least you can find a mirror and yell at the person responsible.

  9. Robert says:

    If you root a Fire device, does Netflix still work in 1080 and 4k?

  10. KraziJoe says:

    If you don’t know what Root means, don’t know what it will do for you or can’t deal with a bricked (non working) Stick/tablet, then Rooting is not for you.

  11. Some One says:

    @k4y0z is willing to look into the FireTVStick 4K if he acquires one! Maybe a community pool to get one to him???

    This is an EXCELLENT FIND! Means root is ALWAYS acquirable due to it being a hardware exploit!!!

  12. F. says:

    I have no idea what was said in this article. Can someone explain what this is and why I may need it. In simple terms, please!

    • Some One says:

      Google what ‘rooting android’ does. Only then can you understand!

    • Basic User says:

      All files on the device can only be read, write or executed by certain users. That’s called permissions. The root user can do anything on the system. So by rooting your device, you’re just gaining the ability to login as the root user to your device and read/write/execute anything you wish.

  13. Skeletor says:

    Don’t attempt to do this. It doesn’t work at all and you’ll end up with a bricked Fire TV Stick if you’re not careful enough. The image above me looks exactly like my Fire TV Stick but instead its a lie.

  14. Nehal Vapi says:

    My FireStick wifi trouble started soon after I attempted to run a send-receive thru ES FileExporer which must have corrupted the wifi configuration settings within the Network Settings module as it unsuccessfully attempted to create a hotspot on the stick! It wouldn’t display any wifi ssids but displayed the shocking mssg Wired Ethernet Disconnected!! But fortunately my remote was still being sensed.

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